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Heart palpitations


Hi All,

Has anyone had heart palpitations as part of their anxiety? I know they are common with panic & periods of particularly high anxiety but I keep having random noticeable thump type palpitations, probably about every 10 - 20 mins, all through the day.

I have had a stressful few weeks and at the beginning of this week (which is when they started) my anxiety was quite high. But since then I feel fine and calm.

I have a long history of anxiety, been to the doctors numerous times for numerous symptoms etc and have always had the all-clear. I take Citalopram and have been for about 3 years. I have read that citalopram can cause them but I have been on it so long I don't see why it would all of a sudden effect me like that but I don't know.

I did have this once a few years ago, exactly the same symptoms and they went away after a few days, just curious if anyone else has anything like this? I have no shortness of breath or chest pains or anything like that.

Thank you

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I’m not sure if you are make or female because I don’t want to make assumptions, but mine pick up before my monthly...

Plainejane in reply to DeeM3

Same, I notice I get more palps and sometimes when I ovulate!

Georgiee18 in reply to DeeM3

I am female. Now you mention it, it is my time of the month. I haven't this before as a symptom but my symptoms do tend to change month to month. Could be! Thank you.

Hello, I have this too. I’ve had it long before I started my medication. It’s mostly the anxiety for me anyway. One of the set backs of it all is the hyper awareness it often creates that makes you fixated on the palpitations. When you notice them, try and stop and clear your mind, focus on your thoughts rather than the beat. Hope this helps.

Hiya, thanks for your reply.

I definitely agree! It's not as noticeable when I am out and about and occupied. When I just sit on the sofa watching TV it always seems worse.

Thank you for your advice :)

I get them too...mine are due to hormones. Beta blockers have helped a bit.

Georgiee18 in reply to Jojo519

Thank you. I think I am going to go to the doctor's just to be on the safe side as I have had them for a week now!

I went to the doctors this morning. Despite having palpitations almost constantly for the past week I didn't have any whilst I was in the doctors (typical). I am booked in for an ECG and blood test on Tuesday next week. Will an ECG determine the cause/can I stop worrying if it comes back ok? I have never had one before and not really sure what it is.

Krn210 in reply to Georgiee18

How are you doing Georgiee18? How did your tests turn out?

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