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Heart palpitations

I wasnt even anxious I just got heart palpitations out of nowhere but now im very anxious and panicky help me it feels like my hear is jumping outta my chest im feeling beats in my chest my neck everywhere 


I cant get a deep breath no matter how hard I try some of these words could be spelt wrong cos im shaking and cant stop I have had many ecgs I had one of them done when I was having heart palpitations and the hospital said my heart was perfect could they be missing something also im on my period I do get them on my period bit never this bad it feels like my heart is gonna stop please help me people. 

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How are you now? Is it better? Do you have something like Valium to help you calm down? Try to listen to some music that you really love preferably relaxing such as Coldplay, this usually helps me I cry then I feel better.

I hope you are feeling better xx

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It took a while for them to stop I had my phone in my hand ready to dial 999. Thanks for the reply. X


Hi Lauren, are you ok? Drop me a pm x


Scary feeling!  And frustrating that they can't see how it feels so they start to think you are making it up.


I know none of the doctors believe me but I know what im feeling and because nothing ever shows up on ecg they wont help me. X


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