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Weird sensations

Hello, I have been having strange sensations in my chest that make me take a deep breath after ir while they appear. They just come for a second or two and then go away. I've been burping a lot lately, which is unusual for me. They sometimes happen when I am in the shower or bending. I have had ecgs and xray, nothing showed up as well as full blood tests. I am worried about my heart but doctors say that it's all good because I am 20, fit and in good health. I have tried to catch my heartbeat while the flutters happen but I either can't catch it or it is not comming from it because my heart beats normally when I check. What can be causing it? Skipped beats or something gastrological?

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I get his!!!! I think it's a mix of indigestion and being so in touch with our bodies that we focus on everything we feel. The flutters I feel are like little rushes of adrenaline that go from my chest and up my neck. All anxiety




Yeah, exactly but I was thinking that the anxiety feel came after the actual flutter


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