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All of my symptoms point to Colorectal cancer

I have been scared for months and have not reached a diagnosis. Here are my symptoms: Occasional blood and mucus in stool, constipation, random pains in anal area, back pain, leg pain, stomach/abdominal pain, gas, pressures in stomach. I have searched all of the possibilities of these symptoms and they all point to cancer, nothing else. I'm 19 years old. Doctors keep saying that "im too young" no one is too young for cancer. My gastroenologist thinks it is just a "constipation" issue. A constipation issue surely wouldnt cause all of these symptoms. I go back to him on June 15th I'm hoping I will finally get a referral for a colonoscopy as that is the only way I can get a diagnosis. I'm shaking as I write this because I'm so scared and just want to be healthy and happy again. I hate this so much. :(

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Hey! I hope you find peace, but everyone goes through scary times like these w their health. I remember I was 18 or 19 and all of my signs and symptoms pointed to hepatitis and I remember feeling so lonely and scared and confused as to how I could have gotten it and I had convinced myself.. The Dr laughed at me and it turned out that I was just eating too much junk food. As I changed my diet, I was instantly better. Dr. Google is always the worst


Hi Chey

You don't think your symptoms are from anxiety? It does sound like a stomach problem. Probably not as serious as you think. Your so young. The odds are definitely on your side. My biggest thing is any change in my routine and I have the pounding heart. Also just driving is nerve-wracking for me. I did love driving

Now I dread it.

Rubyxx 😊


There are many condition that can cause this type of problem, generally not serious

Ask for tests to be done, they do not take long and sometimes they can put the problem right at time of examination, or they can also take biopsies at that time.

Talk to your GP



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