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Hi there my name is Mick. I have been suffering with Anxiety and Panic attacks for about 8 years now.

Even thought i know they cant harm me i still end up feeling like im going to die and sometimes end up going to Hospital. I have been on near on every medication for my illness and it still doesn't seem to go away. It has also made me drink quiet a lot to self medicate which has resulted in me now having a alcohol problem. Im waiting to be detoxed from the alcohol now and hoping my anxiety will calm down when i stop drinking as i know booze isnt good for anxiety .

The worse part of the problem is the tight chest for me as that makes me really panic. Has anyone else turned to alcohol to help with there anxiety???

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Hi mick feel for you iv been in your shoes past 15 years and have a very tight chest now as iv had a bad few weeks , iv never turned to drink in fact tee total for 10 years because the feeling of been tipsy or drunk scared me, it made me panick because I like to be in control of my body although with anxiety your not in control at all if you know what I mean saying that I had a rose spritzer the other night !!!! More lemonade than wine!! But a shandy can get me tipsy lol I hope you get the help you need x

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I never allowed myself to mom had terrible anxiety and she self medicated with alcohol. Watching her was the lesson that made sure I never drank. It is such a terrible thing to go thru. I am so sorry that you are in that place. And going thru detox is no picnic. If you can keep the end result in sight - you can beat it. You really can. That chest thing - I know it well. Someone here told me one night, in the middle of the night, when I was freaking out and scared to death, "if you change positions does it get better?" And I realized that it did....I still had the discomfort but I was able to calm down. There are so many muscle and tendons in the chest, chest wall, organs and everything that holds the ribs in place - that is what causes so much of the pain - at least that is what causes most of mine. The anxiety for you is the easy part - the alcohol is your greatest challenge. I am so glad that you know that and that you are attempting to do something about it. If you have not done so, think about AA. The success rate for beating alcohol is higher with AA than anything else. I've been involved with Al-Anon for a long time and I've attended open AA meetings. Both really helped me to come to grips with myself. I learned so much about myself. Good luck Mick. And keep posting and sharing.


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