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Everyday i feel like its a problem!

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Everyday i wake up and its always intrusive thoughts everday none stop will i get better ? would it go away is about harm and i never thought that way i dont know shy im thinking like that now its like a curse i have plus by looking at the news and people telling me that people is dying makes me even think more and feel anxious my head feels wired everday its like im scared and i use to live with out fear wow im going through this now first it was only the anxiety with physical sympthoms but i got past it i got so use those feeling that i would get use to it already but now that the thoughts came everyday and making me nervous and makes my hand sweaf and my heart race it makes me worried like i dont wanna think about thag i wanna enjoy my life and live it with out negative thoughts now its like if im going crazy or something or have a real severe mental disorder now i feel like i depression im down because of those thought and could barely eat the food that i make anxiety, depression , intrusive thoughts together thats how i feel now wow it has to be this way i wiah i could be like others outside that they happy and look like they not going through anything and have they mind right with out a problem in the head .

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Remember that you felt good yesterday and were hungry. You will be back at your job on Monday and I think that will help you. Also, your therapy appointment is coming up sooner. xx

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Johnnie1234 in reply to b1b1b1

yeahh would you think i would get better ?

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Jeff1943 in reply to Johnnie1234

You must answer that question, Johnnie, no use asking us. When you decide to do something, to take action yourself to bring about your recovery along the lines that dozens of people here have advised, that's when your recovery begins.

So it's no use asking us whether you would get better, it's entirely down to you. You decide.

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b1b1b1 in reply to Johnnie1234

Yes, I think you will get better. You have taken the first step by getting your job and making the therapy appointment. Those are major steps and a good start. xx

Johnnie. I had it as bad as you describe. Possibly worse. Who knows? I looked at others wishing that I could be as happy as them. I felt scared all day, every day. Every little thing spooked me big time. That’s how fears build up when you have anxiety.

It’s just anxiety making you think and feel that way. You can recover if you follow the advice I gave you yesterday and learn not to buy into all those thoughts and feelings. They’re all competely false. They only exist because you have anxiety. Just a figment of a very anxious mind that can only conjure up negative thoughts. Thats what anxiety does. Your mind is just trying to protect you, keeping a look out for anything remotely threatening you. Because you have anxiety, you are feeling extremely sensitised so everything is a threat. You’re in a vicious cycle right now but it can be broken by acceptance.

Accept those thoughts, let yourself feel negative. Accept that they will make you feel bad and move on with your day. They are just surface waves causing a bit of a stir. The real you is still there, just beneath those surface waves. You are not losing it. Your anxiety is just making you think and feel that way. Learn to separate yourself from the symptoms and observe what is happening. Learn to put some space between you and those pesky thoughts and feelings. They are only there because they frighten you. Lose the fear by allowing it all to happen.

As Jeff has already said, you are responsible for your own recovery. Unfortunately, we can’t do it for you. I know exactly how hard it feels and that you are seeking reassurance which is entirely understandable but at some point, you are going to have to go it alone and do it for yourself. No amount of posting on here, complaining about your symptoms will make any difference unless you start practising acceptance. I know you have what it takes to recover. We all have what it takes to recover. We just need to know how to do it and that is just by learning to let go. By giving up trying to control anxiety, you regain control.

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Johnnie1234 in reply to Beevee

yeah you are right so what should i really do to get better were you how i am righ now this stage ?

Johnnie, do you know how lucky you are? What Beevee has written in this latest post contains the answer to all your problems expressed elequantly by someone who really knows, one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people on this forum.

Of course, you have no obligation to take his advice. But unless you do something to help yourself nothing is going to change. You keep asking whether you will get better and become your old self again. Answer: only if you do something to bring about that change as advised in so many posts to you by so many people. If you do nothing then nothing will change.

This is tough love, Johnnie.

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Johnnie1234 in reply to Jeff1943

yeah you right so what should i do to be back again.

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Jeff1943 in reply to Johnnie1234

Read the replies of Beevee on this and other posts. Read the replies of Agora1 on this and other posts. Maybe even read my replies on your posts. It's all there. Read them and reread them. Reading won't alone bring recovery. You need to act on what is contained in them. Acceptance.

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Johnnie1234 in reply to Jeff1943

but dont people get tired of accepting and thats how they go crazy . alot of people even kill themself because of it

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Jeff1943 in reply to Johnnie1234

Quite the contrary, Johnny. No longer feeling you have to fight the phoney symptoms of anxiety comes as a great relief and a weight off your mind. When we use the word Acceptance we don't mean accept it forever, God forbid, we mean accept it for the time being as a method that will bring about recovery. Big difference, Johnny. When you accept all the strange thoughts and feelings realising they can do you no permanent harm so you don't have to fear them it brings feelings of calm. May I suggest you go to YouTube and search for 'Claire Weekes' whose idea Acceptance is. Many videos of her pop up but look for the one 'Self help for your nerves' and watch it. It's rather long but surely it's worth an hour of your time to hear someone telling you how you can recover.

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Johnnie1234 in reply to Jeff1943

Yeah just all the thoughts and feeling i get it makes me feel down and feeling like im fighting to be good . its annoying ugh. but hey ill have to go through even if i dont like it i wish it wwas a magic thing that i can just go back to the old me or a muchine to fix these problems for everyone just not me the fears and senstivity in my neevous system heart always racing and the only one thats bothering me the most is the negative thoughts that i have that wont leave like it would lewvd then come back but its everyday it happens i dont know why those thoughts come to my head if i dont think like that it came out of no where .

Johnnie, you said your therapists office could get you in sooner than the 24th if you need it. I think it's safe to say you need it. None of us can make the choices for your care for you. None of us can tell you what to do. What works for one person might not work for you because we're all different and have anxiety issues for different reasons. You need care personalized to you and you alone. Please go get help.

How are you doing working for FedEx? The reason I ask is because it’s a fast paced company that pays excellent wages, has wonderful benefits and a 401 K for retirement if you can concentrate on your jobs do not dwell on the negative s you will start to do well

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Johnnie1234 in reply to Maagaa

yeah its good does sort of take my mind off stuff but when i leave or home thoughts start again also i have days off till tuesday and yeah they really good aswell. i like fedex so far

a little advice here ,

what you resist , persists ( yes , as ironical as it sounds)

and don't label yourself as someone with X Y Z disorder

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Johnnie1234 in reply to Illboy

What does that mean ?

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Illboy in reply to Johnnie1234

sorry havent been here for a while , i mean that labelling your self with some sort of disorder doesnt help at all , of you think that you are an anxiety sufferer , it becomes your reality

Is it illegal in this forum to appeal to a higher wisdom? Why is that? Are we all so knowing that we can solve our problems unaided? At this point you must be feeling very humble. That's a good thing. Now you need some true knowledge about yourself and humankind. I found this book trans-formative and so might you "The case for Christ" by Lee Strobel, a former athiest. Do a search for it on Amazon.

Is this book relevant to anxiety disorder, health anxiety and social anxiety? Are you saying Christ had something to say about these particular illnesses, if so what? If he did I think someone here would hsve mentioned it before.

The late Doctor Claire Weekes wrote that religious faith was helpful to recovery using her acceptance method but it wasn't essential. Acceptance can bring recovery regardless of what religion you subscribe to or subscribing to none at all.

No, not directly relevant to specific disorders. But much of what plagues mankind are spiritual disorders which are deeper and more damaging than physical and psychological disorders.

The book is about a court reporter, whose wife and children unexpectedly became Christians. He felt betrayed decided he would use his powers of observation and deduction that he had developed as a court reporter to discredit and prove Christianity false. He wisely went to the top Christians of the day and interviewed them one by one with his tape recorder on, and asked tough questions, as if he were the prosecution in a court case. He not only failed, by his standards, to discredit Christianity. but after seeing proofs of its validity and especially after learning how they changed the lives of the people he interviewed, he became a Christian himself. The same thing happened to me after reading the book and I began a new life.

This book has nothing to do with anxiety disorder either directly or indirectly and is therefore irrelevant to this forum. We are concerned with anxiety disorders only, not spiritual disorders.

I suggest his forum is not the right place to recruit people to Christianity, many here are Christians, some non-believers, some Muslims.

From your description I personally do not believe this book will counteract the over-sensitisation of the nervous system that is the cause of anxiety disorder.

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