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Is the twitching noun stop normal as well & when trying 2 fall asleep and your almost alseep u wake up suddenly because it feels like your heart stopped and having a adrenaline rush / butterfly feeling in your chest??? I noticed if I dnt take my sleeping pills It happens Afraid I got als or somthing... and to have head rushes some times thru the day!! I also will have moments that I feel really werid. Like I will feel like this when I go into stores especially and I get it daily.. it will last very shortly..

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Usually this will happen when the body is relaxing as we have been anxious during the day which tenses the nerves & muscles in our bodies & as they are relaxing it can cause the jerking sensations & butterfly sensations in our heart as you described

Have you mentioned this to your Doctor so they can reassure you & once they have then you could try & practice when you get this to train your mind not to fear the sensations & once we learn that this is not something to fear it usually starts subsiding & we experience it less if none at all eventually x


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