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Agitation anxiety and restlessness

Hello every one! I duno what am I going through... I had depersonalization which has improved alot and is no more big issue for me... From last one day I am feeling soooo agitated and restless I feel my heart will burst with stress... I am unable to take interest in anything and above all feeling hesitation to leave my room... Please urgent help needed... If some one can forward me stress relief videos or program? That would be great support

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Best thing I can forward into u is to look up mindfulness and if ur ok with it Claytin Jennings videos on u tube. The mind keeps the fear going n that's what makes it all feel so bad. Steven Furtick is awesome too, whatever. Whatever it's called, the voice inside telling u lies x give it a try n switch ur focus today saying..know what this bad ass anxiety is not welcome in here, change ur mind, focus on the good u are, how special u are to God. It's nothing to do with religion at all. He wants u to be content in ur life and use the talents u have. Give these a try n keep in touch x

Feels like it ne reported ends but it can if u change ur focus x


Hey! I had heart rate issues for YEARS. What fixed them for me was meditation/relaxation PLUS biofeedback.

Biofeedback showed me that the relaxation was WORKING and made me more confident about doing it. Before that it never helped.

I used Jon Kabat-Zinn - Guided Mindfulness - 01 - Body Scan Meditation (see if you can find that online) PLUS I used a heart rate app on my iphone which showed me that after I did the meditation, my heart rate was lower than before I did it.

I also drink a lot more water now becasue chronic dehydration = low blood pressure = heart had to work harder. but I used to always be 90beats a minute + and now I am low 60s when I am sitting around.

The hardest thing for me to do was to get the confidence to do physical things. I started with tennis. not like "tennis with rules" but just trying to hit a ball back and forth becasue it was really distracting from my stress and anxiety. Then when I was fitter I started running using Couch25K. Running is more distracting than walking. Maybe you already exercise and that's GREAT. But for me so much of my anxiety came from thinking I was sick etc.


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