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Anxiety again

I've posted several times here about my anxiety. I honestly thought i was doing better. The past two weeks I am so on edge and afraid. So afraid that i am going to have a heart attack, stop breathing or have a blood clot. It's just a terrible cycle.

Has anyone else have their anxiety under control and then for no reason it's heightened?

I hate feeling this way. It feels so unfair. Not only to me but to my husband and kids. I've has so many ekgs, blood work including d-dimer, ultrasounds and stress test. All come back clear and good

How can I start to feel better?


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You need to understand the relationship between your physiological and physical well being is important sometimes overlap. You have these feeling because you consciously thinking about this "scary thing" and your body is probably sending a physical signal that responds. if you panic and get nervous, your muscles may tighten and your heart rate will increase, because of the "fight or flight" response. the best you can do is stay off WebMD and try working out. when you start working out, you will know that what you're doing it not only makes you happier but your heart and lungs as well :)! try getting out of the house and doing fun things and actively keep your mind off it. Anxiety is giving you this false fear of something that isn't even there. TRUST YOUR DOCTORS WORD.


Thank you joshbrag. I know that I am probably in my own head. I just can't seem to get my mind to take a rest. This all happened 2 years ago when my mom died of a pulmonary embolism in frint of me at the age of 58. It was devastating. I had taken care of her for several years when she became unable to work. All my focus was on her health and that of my two kids. Now I am lost with all these thoughts that I am going to die early like my mother and leave my children. Anxiety sucks!!


I'm very sorry to hear about your loss, i definitely assume this traumatic moment has been making your mind over think, stress, and fear for the worse. But what i can tell you is, try acknowledging your anxiety and how it's making you feel and realize every irrational fear you have about yourself is false. With anxiety like we all have, you have to found outlets to keep your mind busy and free from the negative stuff. (Also. Time heals everything, over time you will feel better about not only your anxiety but your self :)

Victoria If you ever have a moment of anxiety feel free to keep making posts on here as there are many helpful individuals or you can message me independently if you want to as well. (I am usually a quick responder)


Thank you. My youngest just started kindergarten and my oldest is in 7th. This is the first time I have been alone in almost 13 years. I definitely need to find something to occupy my time. Maybe then I can focus my mind on something besides over analyzing myself.

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Hi there get yourself some counselling and cbt to help you work through everything. It certainly helped me. Anxiety and stress starts to take its toll on the body after a while. X


My gp put me on citalpram daily and ativan as needed for panic attacks. I was seeing a therapist for a few months. Unfortunately I had to drop my insurance. I definitely plan to get back in therapy asap. Thank you.


I'm exactly the same :(


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