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My Anxiety problem

I am feeling really bad. This all started 2 years ago and I cant make it stop. I absolutely know what caused my anxiety, stressing over my boyfriend. Eve though me and him are not together anymore I still feel stressed out. I'm worried about every little thing. Been to the doctor in the U.S even in Mexico. I've gotten a bold test and the results are just fine. I dont feel good at all though. Feel as I can't even breath. I'm not happy with life and I just want to be the old person I use to be! What do I do?

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Don't Let It Get To The More You Think About It The More Stress & Anxiety


Hey! I must say I've suffered like you do. Even before I had problems with my relationships, I would get bad anxiety attacks but I get you when you say that your past relationship with your ex-boyfriend gave you this. Stress is really a trigger of disorders like Anxiety and Depression. I just want to be clear if you only feel this when thinking about your boyfriend or with other stuff also? Like do you feel this with things NOT related to your ex?


Understand that anxiety is a result of provoked by stressful thinking. You won't feel normal now because your body is hyperstimulated which can take four times as long to return to its nonreactive state than it does to activate it.

Worrying about it will make it worse because that's creating more anxiety which makes you more stressed which exacerbates the symptoms. How to decrease it is to not worry about it (harder said than done) and let your body calm down. Learn to be okay with not feeling normal for now.

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Hello marianna

I am near on sixty five, how old are you, ???

Would be really happy to switch if you are young. Mind I prefer to live in England on the Scottish Border, cannot get a Haggis in the USA and most probably not in Mexico either.

Sorry about your boy friend we all go through troubled times when we are young, life is cruel although we all need to pick up these pieces and carry on. It always happens to all of us, it is all part of our lives and meeting the right person who we really want and love. If they have done their tests and found nothing that means you are ok and you need to accept that and just move on. We all go through this sort of thing and when we have been with someone for a good length of time we hope that person will match our feelings, sometimes sad to say this does not happen. All this sort of thing can cause anxiety.

Enjoy your life, there is always a new bus waiting to pick you up, Lifes mystery tour awaits, enjoy


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