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Sleep easy

Hi Everyone , even those who have been lucky enough to sleep easy tonight others like me a littke but woke to a feel of a littke panick, it has not helped by last 2 days had slight earache which seems to be causing pain headache feel, into my jaw , so has I have woken kinda felt my pain & worried it's something g more , has anyone had earache , slight dizzy headache jawache . The thing is I go on holiday at the weekend oh well il have to ring my gp first thing , I dare not to take painkiller what's wrong wirh me. So I should relax it's only am war infection sick tired of being not well guys. a not knowing what yo do, binkynoo x

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Def sounds like ear infection for sure. The sore jaw also linked to ear infection. Does not sound anything serious. Ur go will confirm that n make u at ease. Try relax about it and u will go on to enjoy ur holiday x have a good time away and be good to yourself.


Hi Snow 13 thankyou soo much , yeah it's knocking me put at the docs tono so fingers crossed ,,just Health anxiety comes back to bite us on the bum in my case ear. Hope you are well big hugs binkynoo noo I will let you kniw how things are x


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