Temporomandibular disorder TMD / TMJ

Does anybody suffer with TMD, what are your symptoms. This is day two, I have pain all on my right side of my face and in my jaw at the end just under my ear it feels tender to touch, i have a sore achy neck from my ear down, i have a headache above my right eye and my temple, earache and my cheek now feels achy. It feels like a tight muscle in my neck that wont stretch anymore. I do wear a mouth guard as my dentist thinks i grind my teeth, any advice please

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  • I have TMJ got it after an accident and damage to my jaw. When I have flare ups, which seems to be what you're experiencing, I use magnesium oil on the affected parts which for me is.

    Left side of my face, neck and shoulder. Left side of my head, above my eye, my eye and behind my eye.

    It can get bad if I don't catch it early.

    I use magnesium oil on my face neck and side of my head which is generally enough. If not I then take a magnesium glycinate dose but only small. Couple of hours later I'm fine.

    Magnesium reduces inflammation which basically what TMJ is.

    Hope that helps.

  • I have a doctors appointment later, when she rang she said it sounds like an ear infection or tooth abcess ( my teeth do not hurt) but i am tender underneath my jaw by my ear.

  • A dentist will help you more than a doctor. That's who you need to see.

  • Have you had this before, you've actually been diagnosed with Tmj?.

  • To get some relief get ice cold water and soak a small towel in it, ring it out and place it on your face head or neck. It should take the swelling down, or an ice pack rapped in a thin towel.

  • Hi, i dont have any visible swelling. I will ring dentist.

  • I don't get visible swelling but i get inflammation. You're best with your dentist than a doctor, good luck.

  • What symptoms do you get?

  • Just a pain in my neck, like the length of neck. Shoulder pain. All the left side of my face and head hurt as though i have mental muscles, weird i know. Pain in my ear, glue ear. Pain in my eye, above my eye and behind it. And my jaw will ache.

  • I get sore but nothing like this, i have a mouth guard as my dentist says i grind my teeth with the anxiety i suffer. I have a lot of muscle tension in my neck and shoulders anyway. No not been diagnosed

  • A dentist will diagnose you by x-ray. You're best going there. But grinding is part of it.

    Try a ice pack,cold towel, magnesium oil/glycinate and maybe relaxation videos on YouTube.

  • Been to doctors my ears are clear and i have no sign of any infection in mouth or ears. He was really good and listened to what i said ( not my usual doctor) and said it was TMJ as i cant take anti inflammatory drugs he gave me amitriptyline so will see how i go and make a dentist appointment.

  • Yeah that's right. Anti depressants treat TMJ.

    At least you know now.

  • I was recently diagnosed with TMJ by my ENT doctor and am currently being treated with splint therapy by my dentist. There are also dentists who specialize in the treatment of TMJ. Splint therapy involves a mouth splint (basically a heavy duty night guard) which is adjusted every few days initially, a week, 2 weeks, etc. until the jaw is aligned correctly. Although pain relievers, warm compresses and other treatments are helpful, these measures only treat the symptoms not the cause. I faithfully wore a night guard and a retainer or a clear mouth aligner every night but still developed TMJ!

  • I have TMD, I get clicking jaw on my right side, burning pain in my right ear, sore head, pain in and above my right eye, due to me clenching and grinding my teeth at night. It started when I was given Venlafaxine for depression 3 years ago. I have been seen by my dentist who reffered me to the hospital. Not nice, I hope you get some answers. I was advised to excercise my jaw and I have to wear a mouth guard at night which is horrible good luck xx

  • Awful thing isn't it !!

  • Yes it is, it makes me miserable, I am constantly in the dentist getting my teeth sorted, I am having a little plate put in to replace 2 back teeth that I ruined

  • I have a mouth guard which i dont mind wearing, going to talk to my dentist.

  • That's good Lolly I wish I got on with mine a bit better

  • Hi, today I have a weird feeling in my right ear, its like a pulse or beating in my ear and my ear sounds abit foggy my jaw aches too by my ear.

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