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Heart stopped (maybe)

One day I was lying down then I had a feeling and boom it happened, I felt like my heart stopped and I felt dizzy fainting feeling. I didn't go to the hospital because I already have and said I was fine and I believe them it's just that when I feel unexpected pain I panic. After all that I fell asleep and no trouble sleeping. Does anyone else feel this too or do I have a condition or something!? I suffered from a server anxiety

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I mean severe anxiety


I'm glad I'm not the only one :)



You are definitely not alone. I have been getting things like this for 21 years now, since my anxiety started. I've been to several Cardiologist and I have had every test known to man. It's Just anxiety, is what I'm told so I just ignore the symptoms and try to go about my day. Peace and blessings to you!

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Thank you :)


Yes this happens to me quite often. I feel crazy then all of a sudden I feel like my heart pauses. I go into a immediate panic my heart starts to race and then I have to put my fingers on my neck to make sure its still beating. If I am stressed about anything this happens to me. I try not to worry myself to death.


Hey Vergil,

How you doing !.

This is totally a symptom of Anxiety\Stress that makes you feel all nightmare thoughts. I remember this happened to me sometimes but if you ignore and engage your mind to something let it be to Watching TV, EXERCISE, make yourself busy always and take breath fully and it should not be short.

I got this remedies after doing a long time research on internet and it really cure me whenever I am into this position.

Enjoy your life and Engage yourself to make a busy schedule....The only thing require here is ....TRUST YOURSELF


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