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Anxiety or heart, can't tell

Have lots of anxiety symptoms, but I don't feel anxious about anything but this awful feeling in chest and stomach, can't get enough air. Last week BP shot up to 172/110, Next daY normal, been takin half (12.5mg) atenolol but that drops BP to 90/57 and pulse to 50. Feel anxious physically if you know what I mean. I posted on the arythmia board but no-one replied. Git doctors appointment next week, if I make ut. That's how bad I feel.

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Hi Stargazey

I know what you mean. When I'm driving, my hearts beating like crazy. What is really weird and also helpful, is a oximeter helped me some. Do you know what that is ? I have copd, so I have one of them to ck oxygen level. It also tells your pulse. I pop that on my finger when I think my heart is beating fast, and it isn't! Don't quite understand that. I guess my heart is beating hard but not fast. I actually used to go to the E.R before I got that little toy. I just wish I could relax when I'm driving....

Rubyxx 😊


I had an 'attack' back in January that felt like a wave passing over my head and getting stuck in my throat...I then had a series of palpitations and it felt like I couldn't breathe!!! The doctors said it was anxiety even though I didn't feel anxious. After about 2 months of this and basically not being able to get out of bed, I seen a cardiologist, he found 3 arrhythmias. I still have a lot of symptoms That aren't related to my heart and still have the breathing difficulties and tightness in my throat. But I will say to you, you know your body better than anyone else does so if you think you need them, get some tests done! Then if they come back all clear you can approach it from another angle! Let me know how you go :)


Hi got heart monitor next week, blood tests tomorrow and waiting for gastro appointment so I can't say it's not being checked out. I'll let you know about the heart monitor. Thanks for the replies.


In that 3 months, how you been now?


Hello Jean, thanks for asking. I had 4436 ectopic beats in the 24 hours. Saw an electrophysiologist who said although my heartbeat was irregular he was not concerned as it was not a dangerous rythmn. So I must believe him. He put alot down to reflux and have a gastro appt next week. The nerve that controls stomach also controls heart. Had a private test for stomach acid which came out as suspected very low, causing reflux. Been taking apple cider vinegar which has helped a bit. Generally feeling alot better and when the old palps start I tell give myself a good talking to. So basically the reflux causes the some of the palps which feel kick off the anxiety but doctors just want to treat all the symptoms individually when maybe what I need is stomach acid supplements. Lets see what next week brings. Hope you are okay.


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