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Worries of heart failure

I have been feeling especially weak tired and fatigued the past two weeks. So much to the point of not being able to ride my bike or go on walks more than 20 minutes long. If I do I feel like I'm going to pass out. I've also been getting upper back, chest and jaw pain. Lots of breathlessness. Finding it very hard to cope with day to day activities. Mainly due to the weakness and feeling faint. Also I've been more dizzy than usual. Today I went on a 20 minute walk and halfway through I suddenly started to gag - after a few minutes I was vomiting everywhere - I was rushing home and vomited about 6 more times on the way. I was feeling very hot and dizzy. Now a few hours later I'm laying on the couch and my chest hurts, my stomach really hurts, and I feel generally weak and unwell. I am very worried as I've looked up my symptoms and heart failure keeps coming up. I have thought "something must be wrong with my heart" in the past few weeks anyway due to the weakness and tiredness but after searching my symptoms I am sure. And very worried.

Has anyone had any similar experiences? Any help would be appreciated I am close to just going to A&E although I know they won't take me seriously

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Hi Alex

That does sound really awful what you are experiencing. You are experiencing a lot of uncomfortable symptoms there and i think rather than you sitting at home and worrying about them, it would be worth going to see your GP to make sure there is nothing wrong.

I notice you said they wont take you seriously in the A&E. Can I just say from my own experience of going to A&E they have to take you seriously. Whatever you tell them is wrong with you they will investigate, it is there job to do so and that is what they do day in and day out. You should not let thoughts like that stop you from going to the A&E. If you dont feel well then the A&E is there for that reason. They will take you seriously and if they feel your complaint is not severe enough for the A&E they will let you know of your nearest walk in GP centre. If you dont feel well then there is nothing wrong with going to find out what the problem is.

If your pains and symptoms get worse then go to the A&E if not book an appointment to see your GP and explain to him your symptoms and let him check you out and advise you properly.

I hope you are ok and the symptoms settle. Let us know how you get on.




I've been to my GP many many timers recently and they keep giving me antibiotics for different things that aren't working or saying that's it's probably anxiety. Can anxiety cause what I explained?



Hey Alex,

Sounds horrible and I hope you're feeling better, did you end up going to the hospital to get it checked up?

I have never gotten to the point of spewing, but I have and still do get chest, back and jaw pain. I also get weak and really faint and occasionally with dizzy spells and those can all be from anxiety.

I think looking up symptoms on the internet is the worst thing to do, it really makes the anxiety worse.

Hope you are feeling better now :)


I am feeling a little better, thanks. However my stomach and back are in a lot of pain and I keep getting very heavy sharp chest pains and it is scaring me quite a lot. I'm also getting very painful muscle pain at the top of my thighs which is making it hard to walk. I think I will definitely go to the out of hours doctor today and hopefully they will refer me to the hospital for tests because I really don't think this is down to anxiety. I hope it is but i can just feel something is seriously wrong this time



Id get that checked out. Ive had dizziness and stuff and it never caused me to do anythung.close to that. It may be something else, but i dont think heart failure. I know some peoplein very rarw cases can get sick due to the stress and thetightening of the stomach. But thats generally when you feel that hightened stress, like your stomach is tied.

Habe them check your stomach. Worst thing i can think of is aappendicitis, because my brother had that.

But after the docs took care of it, hes fine now.

Keep us updated!


Hi. Thanks for the replies. I think the vomiting was just due to me having a particularly stressful day as I haven't vomited since. However I'm still experiencing the worsened dizziness and weakness with back and chest pains :/ I'm going to my doctor tomorrow - managed to last the weekend without going to the out of hours doctor or A&E. im worries they will just tell me it's anxiety and not do anything for me...I don't know what to say to get them to take me seriously



Ever thought of food poisoning? Could easily be that.


Hi Alex, all sounds awful im bery sorry you have to go through that. I get constant sharp chest pain that shifts and moves to different places on my chest,under rib cage etc, headaches,dizzy spells,heart palpitations,racing heart and lots more. If i were you i would go to GP or A&E because you can never be too sure that everything is ok, think about it if you go and they say everything is ok it will be so much better than just sitting at home worrying. Dont let the anxiety sit back and beat you over. Do something about it. Your strong and capable. Hope all gets better :)


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