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Hi, I've just logged on and found this amazing group😃😃😃 can't believe there are people feeling just like me , thank god I'm not going crazy ! I'm very new to this ..... Earlier this year my husband came home from work and had a massive seizure

, he has a brain tumour..... Life has been very stressful. About 3 months ago I was rushed into hospital as I thought I was having a heart attack , After ECG and blood tests I was told I'd had a panic attack .... Wow how could panic feel so real. From that day on I have convinced myself I'm dying .... I check my blood pressure a million times a day, I google symptoms daily , I'm a mum if 3 children and a poorly husband I don't want to die. Really don't want to feel like this anymore ..... Tired ... Dizzy ..... Sick .... Panicking .... Everyday I feel terrible 😒😒😒 just want to be me again xxx

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Stay Strong!!! This will pass Trust me...You are not alone !!!

We are here for you!!!!

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Thank you .... I'm convinced im dying .... Everyday I have a new symptom.... Had a bad panic attack today.... I've booked a doctors appointment tomorrow just to talk and have a once over x


I too found this site recently and found it helpful to hear from other people suffering from the same kind of thing.Had some great advice and support so don't be afraid about sharing how you feel as we all understand x


Strange how stress causes such a variety of symptoms. When my mother in law died, she had been ill for years, my husband developed numerous things, a cough, feeling claustrophobic especially at night etc. Watching someone you love suffer is awful, I know having watched my Father die of lung cancer I was his carer too. You need support, do you have family members who can relieve you a couple of times a week? Do you work or are you the soul carer? I did have carers to wash Dad etc and my Aunts came to sit with Dad which helped. I then either went out, cooked as I found it therapeutic or if I had spare cash I went personal shopping 😊😊. Should you find you need medication then by all means get some, towards the end of Dads life I was exhausted and couldn't stop crying as it was getting too much. I shall be thinking about you, please be strong and rest assured you are not alone xxxxxxxxx


I was offered propanalol, might not be spelt like that, but it does help, have a good talk with your doctor, sorry about the hard times you are having, wishing you well x


Because u witness a trauma it kicked off the panic. Nothing bad is going to happen to u. U need to find ways of calming your mind and body. Fear grips u and sometimes it's hard to let go. Def on here n ur about it and get all help u can. Mindfulness is very good. Ur a good mum trying ur best to hold it all together and ur poor husband . So ur actually very strong x x get some music on, happy songs for u n kids. Look at them and tell ur self what an amazing job ur doing raising ur children. Positive positive , it will get better honestly but it does take some work. So if u feel that dreaded feeling, I know it well, go put on mindfulness or watch Steven Furtick on u tube .whatever. Whatever it's called. That voice in our head telling us negative negative. Switch it around best u can, do it every day. Fear is natural and because it's part of life but I think ur doing amazing for what ur going through. Stay focused on the good and ur blood pressure will be fine. Panic symptoms are crazy, I look back n think cant believe that was anxiety panic but it was cause nothing has happened, like passing out, convinced myself a million times it was going to happen, felt sick, dizzy, vision problems, dry mouth, scared, off balance and many more...nothing actually bad e re happened. U need to switch the focus away from it. Stop feeding it. Ur doing a great job in the circumstances ur in. God bless Mums x


I had all of these symptoms and fears when I was a teenager. They continued throughout marriage and motherhood but, when I started taking Paroxetine, I got my life back and still have it.

Throughout my marriage breakup, having breast cancer and a brain haemorrhage I was strong and resilient and have taken other serious issues in my stride.

Some people won't entertain antidepressants, but they have given me a quality of life that previously I only dreamed of.

Good luck to you ; I hope you find your own way through this sooner rather than later. xx


Hi, what things did you try for how you feel?


I am older than you, but had a few scary health things, including a brain tumor. I recovered from that, taking no medicine, or pain killers. I would be happy to share what I did, if that would help you. I have found almost 100% of the time anything a traditional doctor will prescribe, does nothing at all for the cause, it just covers the symptoms, and leads to new problems.-- John in Canada


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