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Hi everyone I'm back and I need advice

hi my lovely friends hope you are all getting there,

I haven't been on here for a few months as I started a new job so my mind was kinda occupied and I've not been too bad till 2 days ago when something traumatic happened,

My husband and teenage daughter was having a minor teenage strop argument when my 4 year old American bulldog x staffy jumped at my husband and literally savaged his arms he has 4 big puncture wounds to his forearms and a 4 and a half deep open wound in his forearm the whole ordeal is traumatic and very scary my poor husband has had to have 11 stitches in his big bite wound and yesterday I had to have my dog destroyed and I'm absolutely heartbroken my heart hurts so bad I know in the long run it was the right thing to do and It could of been worse for my husband and also even worse r if he attacked my daughter?

I know he's just a dog to people but to us he was one of us and it is heartbreaking but glad in so many ways my hubby is here to tell the tale just bloody hurts don't it as we r gonna miss him the good side to him anyway when will it ease?

I know I should count my lucky stars but very heartbroken

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