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Update on today's mediation session

I posted on here yesterday mentioning that I had a upcoming mediation session with my ex and two friends after church.

Well, the outcome is as follows:

me and my ex sat in the upper hall of the church which two other people and me and my ex were both polite with each other and we both admitted we were in the wrong when it came to the end of our 3yr relationship, my friend has asked me how I felt after she dropped me home and asked if I would consider another mediation session with my ex. I have agreed to this. I feel really good about today

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Hi how you doing today ?? X


Hey tasmin68, sorry for slow reply, I was in the middle of class when I got a email from HU saying you had commented on this post, and in answer to your question I am doing well, how about you x


not doing to bad morning isnt good but i feel like im getting there . glad your doing well xx


why did you have a bad morning if you don't mind me asking, if you need to have a private chat, you are more than welcome to message me that way, you don't have to have everyone read what you write xx


hi mornings isn't good for me .I feel like I'm going mad can't stop thinking of things .don't know if its me or the med's .I get up at 5 can't go back to sleep. Heart racing too.Had it all day yesterday. Xx


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