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2nd CBT session

I had my 2nd CBT session today, and the therapist has asked me to keep a diary of my feelings. He's decided that we're going to tackle my eating as well as my health anxiety now. I thought that CBT was all about looking to the future but he spent a lot of time asking about my past today. I've been feeling a lot more positive this afternoon since the session, so hopefully I can get a good night sleep tonight, instead of the pathetic 2 hour sleeps I've been having these past few nights!

JB x

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Hi jB

Nice to see you have had a better day & feeling more positive , hang on to these thoughts

May be they wanted to get a better picture of your past so they no the best way to help you move on

Good news if you are feeling more positive & this been the 2nd session ...imagaine how you will be feeling by the end of your treatment

whywhy xxx


I am worrying a little bit though, because he mentioned that next week we will be doing some shallow breathing to get me to hyperventilate!


Hi. JB. If you feel happy with the therapy then go along with what is suggested. CBT can and has helped a lot of people so don't worry about the hyperventilation bit. Practitioners have different ways of working. All will be well. Regards. jonathan.


How was it? I'm having my first CBT session next Thursday! Hopefully it will help? X



I'm glad you are feeling more positive. I found the sessions had to get worse before they got better. The therapist are raking up a lot of pushed down feelings, which usually surface.

I had to keep a diary, but I wrote on A4 paper, as I had to write down all my negative feelings every hour, how I felt, how long they lasted and the outcome. It did me the power of good.

I knew all the breathing techniques because of attending yoga classes for some 20 odd years,

Good luck, it will hopefully help you greatly.


Ive had 3 lots of CBT and know how you feel about talking about the past as you go cos you want to move on in to the future. All you have to remember is your therapist doenst know you inside out yet. I found that holding bits of information back was not a good idea. The more they know about you the more they can help! And it does work, especially if you let them in..... . Dont worry about hyperventilating. Making yourself do it can be an amazing tool when it comes involountarily. the therapist will prob do it too, too show you the progress on having a panic or anxiety attack. Chin up and keep on the good work..... You will start to feel better. :)


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