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Hey everyone....update

Hi everyon??

Not been blogging for a while cos been very up and down...... two steps forward and one back.....

After my breakup....... Still pretty much the same....Sorry wont go on too much as I know its boring!!

Ex text me twice in one week (two weeks ago now)...... and I had been doing so well and back to square one,,,, well not quite....

So just plodding on, hope everyone is ok...whywhy?? Cookie?? Eve??

Hope everyone is ok??

Ker xx

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Hi Ker

We seem to have a missing Cookie in action at the mo , but I am sure she is not far away

Think that's your answer , you said you were doing so well , till he text

If it were me & you may not want me to say it , I would change number , get rid of his , sometimes its hard but the only way we can keep moving forward , even though I no its not easy , but I have every faith in you

Think we are all more a less as you left us :-D





I think youre perfectly right whywhy...... I think I should have thought about it a bit more though.... its my business number too and just ordered some more leaflets......

I think if he messages again Im just gona have to be harsh.... mind I was quite harsh last time but it still managed to make me feel crap!!

Im such a lightweight!!

thanks for taking the time to message though!! Im sure Cookie's just having a little rest



Your not a light weight anne

We all are like it , just takes time & then we realise & we do it , don't be harsh on yourself , you still have come along way from where you started , which I remember very well , come on lets give some credit here ;-)

Yes missing Cookie very much , hope she comes back soon , its not the same without her



Yes I have to remind myself sometimes by flushing my head down the toilet lol!!

Thanks you are right..... Yes I enjoy cookies comments, she always makes me smile!!



Hi Anne

Lovely to hear from you I am still doing ok thank you and about to be phased back to work. Not sure how I will be when I add work back in but fingers crossed. I have cookie glue on standby incase she's losts a few pieces and rose and i are keeping an eye on whywhy and Will hee hee. im glad you were harsh with your last text to him its not fair of him to message you... i would ignore any others. you take care of yourself and dont let him put you off creating those hats you dont need him you deserve better love eve x


Ah thanks Eve...... yeah I know sometimes we just get lost in it all eh?? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Im sure youll be fine.......

Im concentrating on doing my website at the min, but im better with thinghs to do..... making my website e-commerce, its a little brain numbing though..... and would rather be creating...

thanks for the advice and I will try not to even read a text if I get it.... i dont have his number in my phone so i'll try my hardest to ignore......

Lots of love xxx


Hi Anne,

Good luck with your business, you are a very talented lady, I hope you can focus on that and not your ex.

Eunice xx


thanks Eunice,,, that means a lot............ Im trying really hard to keep him out of my head...........I'll get there....

Hope youre well



Ive missed you


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