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first cbt session

had my first cbt session yesterday and i was very nervous and anxious but after a while i felt more relaxed. i did find it very exhausting going over and over my issues and not really even makinga dent in them. i asked my teacher how old he was and he said 28, which to be honest i would prefer he was older and wiser but beggers cant be choosers when you have been waiting as long as i have. and besides he may turn out to be quite good, he says that i may be abel to relate better to some one around my own age.....? theres only one way to find out and he seems nice enough. was glad to get home dispite the big headache i brought with me, i hope it isnt going to be this exhausting everytime? he wanted to see me weekly but due to the fact i cant go out on my own i am relying on my mum to go with me and its really not fair to expect her to go up there weekly and sit waiting for an hour so ive arrange for it every two weeks. my goal is to get to weekly sessions and be able to walk there on my own as its only about 5-10 mins walk from my house if i avoid the busy town. i was under the impression i only got 6 sessions on the nhs but he has told me that he usally recommends 24 sessions and sometimes more which i was quite pleased about................actually help at last!!!!!!!!

thanks for listening and i hope you are all well today. xxxxxxxxx

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Sam that's good news, I'm going for my 3rd CBT have set a great goal for yourself there, getting to the sessions weekly, you will feel great about yourself if you achieve that, I hope you do, and I know you can,

Glad you got the much deserved help, keep going it is exhausting at first but it is helping me I'm sure....



thank you and good luck today. xxxxxx


So glad you got the help you need Sam that's excellent. They usually say 6 sessions but I doubt they could help anyone with 6 sessions. My therapist is younger than me and I really didn't like it to begin with but I'm so much better now and glad I stuck with it. Keep going love eve x


Well done Sam :-)

Once you feel safe with this therapist, the walk will be easier as you will have a safe place either end. I had trouble walking to my therapy too.

Take it step by step, and hope you get alot out of the therapy




Well done Sam I really am pleased for you , I cant wait to watch your progress , I have already noticed that from you since joining & now I feel there is going to be more to come , which makes me feel happy :-)

I understand like you when I eventually start I would prefer someone my age or older , I have a daughter older than who you saw & another the same age , would feel a bit weird in away , but again we get what we get & I suppose I would have to adjust , just like you are doing





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