Hi there im new to this, just signed up tonight after reading through some posts. Basically I feel very un well in my health, im only 24 and feel I should be a lot more energetic, healthy and fitter then what I am. one day I can be fine, lots of energy, positive thinking, happy and then the next day I could wake up go to work and feel sudden tiredness, dizziness, not in control of myself and feel as though I have no physical grip, shaky, weak, and just feel as though I could literally lay down in the spot in standing and fall asleep there and then. my job is very physical (house keeper in a hotel) and ive had a lot of troubles at my workplace the last year or so with a member of staff, im also very very un happy in my job (maybe this could be the cause of my symptoms?). I had a blood test back last year but all clear, I also suffer from a bad case of heartburn and indigestion, currently on the medication omoprosal (not sure how you spell it) but I do not take every day just when I get a bad day of acid reflux. these feelings are really seriously getting me down now as I just want to know what is wrong with me and I feel like no one will listen and the doctors will just shrug it off. :( any advice would be great, im not sure if I have anxiety ive not actually been diagnosed by my gp, but I did see my gp at xmas time about how I was feeling very down and depressed but they didn't really help. Thanks in advance x


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  • It sounds like anxiety & your stress at work & not enjoying the job only adds to it. Magnesium would help you as we are all lacking in it. See your GP and ask for a Mental Health Care Plan to be set up where you are entitled to up to 10 free visits to a Psychologist.

    They help you practice thoughts & you would benefit from this.


  • Hi sounds very much like anxiety brought on by work my anxiety caused terrible acid indigestion and heartburn to the point I couldnt eat anything felt sick dizzy shaky please see your dr and ask for anti depressants stop it in its tracks they will take the edge off things but it is all stress related im now tablet free still have the odd day or too but ive learned to igmpre the symptoms and slowly they have got lesser hope this helps you a little be happy

  • Hi Ports, what your describing is very much anxiety symptoms. I ended up in for a scan for my stomach due to acid reflux and weight loss problems years ago. Ends up the doc said, whatever is causing you this stress in your need to get rid of it. It was my partner beieve it or not!! Your work thing is a huge part of your life and can cause all these things to happen. Its like a bit of a hamster wheel, its ok for a bit then you get off and your still in the same place.

    Your 24 yrs old and should be having a happy life as am sure you do at times. The job part seems to get you down then its a vicious circle, your head starts chatter boxing to you and before you know it, the anxiety gets worse.

    Can you possible listen to Clayton Jennings on you tube Get ti off my chest and many other great talks he does. I think he is brill. Also steven forelock be brave. Hope this helps and hopefully in the near future you can look into another job. God has great plans for your life, to be joyous and happy , its coming for you. Talk to him, he cares beyond anything you can image. I am not religious at all but I can speak with honesty, he can change everything ..but you need to talk with him.

  • Hi . Sorry to hear your suffering , first you must get help from your GP . It took me four different GP s to finally understand and know how to deal with anxiety and depression. Don't give up . Secondly with work they will have in place ways of dealing with staff issues or you could try talking to the person concerned just maybe they don't realise they are causing a problem . You are strong as you have been able to share with this club how you feel . We are always there what ever time of day you need to chat . Take care . Ian

  • Find a new jod for a me ive been bullied at work! See a different doctor and speak up about how you feel.....I know its hard cos they act like its nothing but keep going back till you get the help you need. X

  • Hi, thank you all so much for your replies, help and support! really means a lot. I've had another real bad day today, but I am booking in to see my GP hopefully as soon as they can fit me in. Thanks again guys :) xx

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