Hi I'm new here. Just read some of the posts amazing how I can relate to them all. Can't sleep, been awake all night thinking as per usual x

Hi I'm new to the group bn up all night looking for the "answers" came across this page & can relate to everyone's posts. My mind is intact but there's times I think I am going mad, the thoughts, feelings, lack of family support. Anger, frustration. Luckily my GP is empathetic towards my needs & has been my rock threw the tough times. Don't let anyone alienate you & make you feel guilty for feeling how you do. They would rather you brush it under the carpet & forget it! Thanx but that's my life we r on about. I would never dismiss a loved ones problems its like saying they deserve to be unhappy & troubled & aren't worthy of any help even from people they thought loved them! Wtf is wrong with people nowadays.. We r worthy & equal to everyone else ... X


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  • Your family loves you , but I understand what you are getting at by getting told to stop worrying or to quit thinking of things you shouldn't or that they are no big deal and for me I reeealy do not want to be thinking and freaking out about the "silly little things" but I seriously cannot stop and when I can't stop by symptoms get worse and so does everything else around me and it can be hard for people to understand because they think you can just stop doing what you are doing. But you can't. You need the support of family and maybe taking a loved one with you to see your doctor can give them a better understanding of what you truly are going through and how you can't just sweep it under a rug .

  • Yeah u r right, I have lost trust in my family. It would only anger them if they had to go to an appointment with me they would act like I shamed the family then I would guilt trip. U can't win x

  • You say you can't win but you will for sure lose if you don't take a chance ... but there is always a chance someone in your family cares enough to understand you and you wont know for sure unless you step up and ask . if they say no and shame you then you lose,(so do they) but if you don't do anything nothing will change you will still be angry sad hurt frustrated they still are going to shame you and you will for sure lose ... definitely no winning if you don't take a chance on your loved ones

  • I agree with you, it is our life. People just don't always understand but I do and you do so thats a good place to start. Many great helpful people on here with real understanding so thats a blessing that we can be thankful for. No one said life would be easy and to know we have real friends on here to help each other is brill I think.

    MATT CHANDLER...keep getting up on you tube. Its amazing as is all his videos for anyone go listen. Also Steven Furlick-- Be Brave on you tube its amazeballs!!!!

    Have a nice day x

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