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Morning im a newbie on here !! X

Morning everyone never been on a site like this or posted anywere so thought id giv it a whirl, hope to find sum people who r goin through same things as me as my familly ect dont understand xx

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Morning Jen :)

Welcome to site everyonee here will understand they're a great bunch :)

Mimii xx


Thank you for reply xx


Morning Jen.

Welcome to our little crowd. I think you will find a lot of like minded people here who will give you good advice and support and help you come to terms with anxiety.

Take care Kenny xx


Hi Jen & Welcome

I can see from the profile pic that you must have joined when it was Anxiety UK , so really pleased that you now feel you can come on & talk to people that do understand how it is to suffer with anxiety

Family can be supportive but unless you have felt what it is like to suffer with anxiety I think only those that have can really understand & that's why talking on here can be a great help to so many

Look forward to talking to you more :-)





Hi Jen and welcome:)

Look forward to talking with you.

This is a wonderful site with wonderful people:) xx


Thank you for reply me to xx


Hi Jen. I am relatively new here too and have found it useful so far. It means I'm not putting all my troubles onto family who are getting sick of me worrying about the same things. It means you can mix it up a little. Plus it can be easier to talk on the site because nobody will judge you, we are all going through same/similar things. I feel less alone since I joined. It's not always that family don't care, it's that they really don't know how to help you and perhaps even get upset that they can't.

This is an excellent site for seeking help and it also feels amazing to help others by giving them advice. It feels good to be able to relate to others and knowing they feel less lonely when they receive your post. I'm glad I joined and I'm sure you will be too. xxx


Hi Jan

Just wanted to say you'll get lots of good advice here as I did, and it's good to be saying how you feel.

Hope you feel you can open up here with your thoughts and feelings. All the best. X


hi jen, great to see you on here, some smashing folk on site, all want to help each other, love jasper xx


Hello Jen

Welcome to the site.

It has helped me loads and all good to know we are not alone.

Gardener x


Hi Jen and welcome,you will find plenty of people here who understand what your going through,they will offer advice,help,support or just someone to chat to.

I've only been on here for a couple of months but it has been invaluable to me xxxxx


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