I'm in the treehouse there's fresh baked bread and homemade jam

Hello everyone well what a time we are all having I'm retreating to the treehouse my anxiety/depression have worn me out the last couple of days. How hard is it to get to the hairdressers, attend therapy sessions and doctors appointment! Grr I've done all 3 and thought I was doing well but doc still signed me off work so feeling really low (oh and 2 small kids to look after too-phew!) To cheer us up I've baked fresh bread, made some jam, there's scrummy butter too and a pot of fresh coffee it smells lovely up here. Help yourselves but please be quiet. Love to all you lovelies out there xx

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  • Hi Eve

    Well I say well done my love , anxiety /depression ,it is hard to acheive what you have & with 2 small children , you should feel really pleased with yourself

    Try not to feel down , that doc has signed you of , see it as he/she feels you need more time to let your body get well , if it was any other illness we would (well I would ) this is no different

    I am sure they are not saying there isnt any improvement , just a little more time would benifit you

    I keep trying to get in the tree house , but keep slipping down the ladder :-) before i get in there , I really need to as I need the break , maybe the temptation of your home made bread , jam & coffee might help me get to the top of the ladder :-D




  • Need a push, Whywhy hun? I'm right behind you, so you;d better not slip, or we'll both end up on the ground! :(

    Snuggy hugs



  • Its going to have to be a great big push Rose , you may need some back up :-D

    Snuggly hugs


  • Thank you I know doc is right I have a good relationship I'm being impatient I've been off since October. After a spell in the treehouse I will be practising what I preach and taking one step at a time. Think I got myself in a tizwozz! Hope you are feeling a bit better and if you want to come up there's a few of us to give you a pull. I've gritted the steps brrr it's cold. I've just brewed tea and made some wheat free bread for jobrisely love eve x

  • Like that tizwozz :-D ages since i heard that expression , made me smile


  • It's infectious I'm smiling knowing that it made you smile. Today is now officially tizwozz day xx

  • I'm in Eve, ta :) xxxxx

  • Thanks for popping up to keep me company I appreciate it love eve x

  • Can I be pain ask for tea and wheat free bread? Maybe sun and warm will come out.

  • Of course x just made a pot of tea and the wheat free bread is fresh yum x

  • Be here is flash. thank you.

  • Im not in yet , need an extra push ;)


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