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It's possible

This pain is for a reason guys, with no pain there is no growth, I've come a long way and am saying fuck it from now on, listen to motivational tapes every day and get it in your mindset for we made out anxious and depressed mindsets so we can also change them, go for it, don't hold back, live and enjoy, "no matter how bad it is, or how bad it gets, I'm going to make it" - Les Brown. I really recommend listening to his speakings, love you all!

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I will try this, you got a point their with enjoying and living life

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Me too James, come a very long way and just came back from my first ever 3 days trip away up north of Scotland , amazing. Never in a million years would I have believed I could have done it, never mind on my own!!! Steven Furlick is amazing and has really helped me, Whatever.. Whatever its on you tube and also Be Brave by him. This can be done people. I never even went out my front door with the anxiety. I worked out that I actually did not need to go out and that everything can actually be delivered but you know what... YOUR here for a reason, a purpose. Get the negativity kicked in the ass. Change your mindsets like James is saying. Takes practice but more than worth it.


You go boy! Woop! Woop! I agree - I'm having CBT at the moment and last week i had to focus on what makes me feel bad. I did - and I felt really bad! Focus on the positive and balls to the negative!



hey... its feels so good to hear this.. even I am suffering from anxiety disorder..had been to many doctors but in vain. i feel dizzy every now and then.. even i want to be alright so can you please suggest me videos or any other things i should get indulged to in order to get rid of AD?


YouVe got to take responsibility for your feeling and instead of saying I have anxiety say I give myself it, cause you do, swap from external to internal thinking, guard your mind from negativity and take up new hobbies, distract And talk yourself up, praise every little thing and you'll learn so much about yourself, I've never been happier


Hey thanks alot... Will try to follow it :)


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