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Started new job

I posted on here last week about my anxieties and fears of starting a new job, my first day was positive, enjoyable and I felt good about my new role and stepping out of my comfort zone. My second day was today and unlike yesterday everyone seemed a little under pressure and I felt a little uncomfortable, I started doubting myself and my ability to do the job and do it well, it was a challenging day and both days I've been thrown in the deep end, I managed to gather my thoughts and get on with it yesterday but today I over thought things, I can see there are weaknesses within the company that need addressing but only in two days and not feeling brave enough yet to put my spoke in. Feeling deflated, doubting my ability to do the job efficiently. I can't sleep tonight, feeling anxious, feeling like I want to run away from it already.

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Jclayton hang in there w/the job. You did excellent yesterday and today. it's only been 2 days. take 1 moment at a time. I've been on my job for about 5 years and I still have days like you are feeling now. try to keep saying to yourself that the thoughts that you are feeling are just a collection of thoughts that you keep thinking about. that's all it is. calmly talk yourself through it. say to yourself if the other people can do their job so can you. everyone experiences insecurities. you just don't know what theirs are. write down the recommendations you have and each day suggest one new idea. start out with saying....Have you ever considered.... then share at least one recommendation and see what happens. the worst thing that can happen is they don't adopt your suggestion. if they don't, just say to yourself, that's fine and make the recommendation again later in the future. they may decide to take it one day. you will be just fine. congratulations to you for your huge steps.

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Thank you for the advice and encouragement really helps.


I am in a similar situation but been at the job for around 6 weeks now. I was thrown in at the deep end, not given a proper handover and am now expected to get on with it, fun times! I've found a few things helpful - writing a journal each day saying how I'm feeling, trying to put 3 things I am grateful for each day, these can be really small things. Also if you can exercise as it releases the adrenaline and makes you temporarily calmer. Another thing if you can is to talk it through with someone you trust. I've had a really bad week but i am determined to try and take it day by day, and get to the 3 month point. Once I get there I will see how I feel and decide whether or not to hand in my notice. I feel 3 months is giving it a decent go. Hope this helps and let us know how you get on xx


Thank you for the advice, I will give it a go. I hope in the next 6wks you find comfortable enough to stay for longer than 3 months.


The good thing is that you can see where the companies weaknesses are in such a short time. Fresh eyes! I do agree with you, I would not put my oar in so soon - it may be taken the wrong way. But if you are in on a meeting it might be an idea to broach some of those subjects if asked, especially if you can help with a remedy for the company.

Hang on in there - its really early days. And try not to take work worries home. As you said - you have been throw in the deep end and you managed to get on with it. You even had the ability to see where tweaks were needed to make the company better.



Thank you for the advice Sue, time will tell.


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