Petrified of starting new job tmr can anyone suggest anything?

Hello. I'm new to this site am due to start a new job tmr it's 11 am and I feel sick with fear I'm crying and just feel dread. I've had anxiety for years and it's really affected my ability to work I've left jobs and had many offers which I didn't start. That's not helping as I've been here before no matter how much I want to get back to work I just can't get myself through the door on the first day and then I spiral as I feel awful about letting people down. I've been out of work for 6 months so frankly I need the money and I know work would be goodelighted for my mental health I spend 90 per cent of my time alone at home hardly a good thing. I feel ridiculous and desperate. Sorry this is a ramble. I'd really appreciate anything anyone might suggest.


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  • hi,hope all goes well,take deep breaths ,Ive suffered with anxiety so know exactly how your feeling ,when I have to face something new I now let on I'm nervous ,I think you will find people are more accepting today. take your time

  • Hi

    Thank you so much for taking time to reply to me..that's a good tip actually I work hard to cover my nerves I've never spoken out about how I feel but I could be using my energy in a better way. Thank you. Have a lovely day.

  • hi hope it helps, ive got an appointment today ,I'm dreading it,im trying to keep calm,but if it gets to much I will let on how nervous I am,i find if people are nice it helps me to relax, ive tried for years to cover up how bad I am, think as ive got older it doesn't seem to matter as much.

  • Force yourself to do it and stay there, stop pandering to the weaker side of your personality. You are stronger than you think, get angry not scared.

  • I hope your day goes well. I'm so glad I found this site today ! I I googled out of desperation. I've decided to attempt some excersise as that sometimes helps and then maybe a walk later if I can. Thank you for your help. Take care

  • yeno what I was like that on my first job last week but yeno what? all my symptoms went because I was working.. some things your scared of are good for you

  • Thanks so much for taking time reply everyone. I know I need to face the fear I just couldn't see me doing it earlier. I'm feeling better now kept busy today and did some intense excersise which really helped. Hopefully I will get some sleep tonight and be ready to try my best tmr. Being able to speak out and hearing back really helped me I was loosing it this morning.

    Take care all

  • I too was like that , but one day decided no one is going to take care of me but me so I went to work don't get me wrong that was a hard day but when it was over I was glad I had earned a dollar and convinced my self you gotta go tomorrow and I did.

  • Good stiff whiskey straight down will calm the nerves.

  • You can do it. Our anxiety magnifies everything. It will be much better than your anxiety is trying to tell you. Focus on something other than your anxiety. If you need a tactical retreat, go to the washroom.

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