Top Reasons You're Stuck In The Health Anxiety Cycle (Must Read)

Hi everyone, as someone who's recovered form this debilitating condition, I wanted to share my thoughts on why people struggle for much longer than they need to. Hopefully these reasons will help you understand your condition further:

There are many things that are adding to your anxiety that you may or may not be aware of, either way here are some of the rules to live by from now on, so that new habits that will in fact HELP you can take their place.

Looking for Instant Results

As difficult as this new approach might be to undertake it's important to have the right, mindset when it comes to the amount of time that is needed to recovery. Feelings such as worthlessness, disappointment, and growing impatience are all very common when it comes to trying to get on the road to recovery, being so fed up with your physical sensations, panic attacks and fears can easily lead you to feel that an end is in fact not possible. Recovery from GAD is far from a being a straight road, desensitization from your symptoms and worries comes with time and may feel like you're taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back for a while. In my own struggle I spent over $1000 dollars on programs, pill, herbs, and any miracle cure that I ran into, but it wasn't until I started to become more knowledgable about my condition and putting useful information and techniques that this program teaches you into action for some stretch of time, that I started noticing measurable results.

A Small Part of you DOESN'T Want Change

I know what you're thinking, Dennis are you nuts I would do anything to get over my condition. But in the many people that i've had the pleasure of working with, i've learned that many times people get in a comfort zone that they in fact don't mind, and they don't have the will power or want to put in the effort to change some of the habits and rituals in their lives. Also the feeling of being significant to this world through having an anxiety disorder, and having people be supportive and care so much for you tends to be something that sufferers grow attached to, I know I had that feeling for quite some time.

A low self esteem is a big reason for feeling this way, and many times people subconsciously feel that if they lose their anxiety disorder identity then people might not care as much about them. Although only a small amount of people think this way, it's important to recognize the enormous benefits in every aspect of your life that recovery brings with it, and by focusing on those benefits the attachment to what you may feel is your main identity in this world, will disappear.

Convincing Yourself that you Have a Serious Illness

Now if you're like me and have had medical tests done to rule out any significant health issues to your physical symptoms, then you are given the green light to accept that what you have is a mental condition that can be reversed in time by reprogramming your subconscious mind and adding daily rituals to support this new change, you hold the keys to your recovery, no one else. If you would like, go back and re read the section on how GAD evolves, and how the panic attack cycles works. Knowing the connection that your physical sensations have with your panic and anxiety will help cut out the many future “what if” thoughts you may have about dying or having a serious illness. Knowledge is power!

The Endless Doctor Visits

This of course goes hand in hand with believing you have a serious illness or are doomed to have a heart attack at any moment. Fear can make you do some crazy things and in the past I can count over 20 different doctors that I visited to get different opinions and different tests done to see if my symptoms were in fact serious, I later realized that a second opinion can't hurt but anything after a second opinion can in fact hurt emotionally in more ways then one. Once a second doctor diagnosed me with an Anxiety Disorder I should have stopped my search for what my symptoms could be, and started my road to recovery from GAD and Panic. Stopping your visits to multiple health care providers will take some practice and patience as I myself know very well, in the beginning it can be difficult but the key is to continue to build on the facts that your symptoms haven't killed you in the past and won't hurt you in the future. Occupying your mind with something that will take your focus off of your need to visit the doctor is crucial, that can take many forms such as reading a book, studying, going for a bike ride or a run, visiting a friend, playing with your dog, or watching your favorite TV show, but out of the list of should nots this one tops it.

Accepting that Setbacks are Part of Recovery

The mindset during recovery is very important (did I say that before?), accepting that setbacks will happen and are part of your recovery will keep feelings of disappointment and despair far away. It's easy to have a few days of relief from panic and worried thinking, and then be hit by the worst panic attack yet or have a whole day of uncontrollable anxiousness. As difficult as it is to look at days like these as part of your recovery, in my experience helping people recover from their own anxiety disorders it's very common to be close to recovery and experience some of the more difficult days you've experienced since the beginning of it all. Understand that your memory can play many tricks on you, but also remember that as your fear disappears and your confidence grows, you will start to lose a lot of interest in your anxious sensations.

No Permanent Damage is Done

As real as the sensations of panic and anxiety are it's important to remember that no real damage is being done long term to your body. This was a very comforting thought for me as well as knowing that no one has ever died from a panic attack. That pain just under your chest near your heart, is causing no damage to your actual heart. The lump in your throat feeling that you get on and off all day at times, is nothing more then a sensation and actually feels very much like when you watch a sad movie and feel like your going to tear up (more on symptoms later on). Finally that dizziness that accompanies you and gets worse during intense panic attacks, will never cause long term issues with your vision and your brain. Remembering these facts will help build confidence when you think the worst in the long run, and with growing self belief comes recovery.

Over Researching Every Symptom Online and ACTING THE VICTIM When Talking to Others

I've put these two together due to the fact that people with GAD tend to be very active on forums, chats and many many different websites constantly searching for answers and seeing whether they're alone in their current struggles or not, as well as look to friends and family members to dump their daily struggles on, and also fill them in on how bad they are feeling each and everyday. There's a clear difference between researching and gaining knowledge that adds to your confidence through online sites, and sharing your story to other sufferers worldwide and building on a friendly community of anxiety disorder sufferers, and looking to sites and chats as a reliance each and every time another face of anxiety shows its face in a new way to you. The problem with Sharing your awful experiences and how bad you may be feeling with others, is that not only do people not want to associate themselves with negative people after some time, it also reinforces your current beliefs over and over again. This becomes a daily way you go about your day and it's quite unhealthy for your thoughts and emotions, the key here is just to plain and simply STOP talking about how you're currently feeling to others, having a support group that understand you is different, you may converse with them and tell them your successes of the day or week, and they may give you encouragement and by educating themselves about your condition can be one of your strongest tools in your recovery. But when you're dumping your problems on co workers, friends or your spouse on a daily basis you might find that people start to distance themselves slowly from you, so make sure to pick your support group and let them and only them help you with your recovery and experiences in small doses. When it comes to researching online again it's important to build relationships with other sufferers and chat about things outside of your anxiety disorder, but it's time to completely STOP running to the internet each time something gets difficult or a new symptom arises.

If you've read this post to the end. Great job. Check out my podcast where I go much deeper into this and other areas of health anxiety

Take care everyone!


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55 Replies

  • I know you are only trying to help but you sound like you are preaching to everyone on here.

    The guys on here know how they feel and reading what they should and shouldn't be doing from you I don't feel is particularly helpful.

    I'm not sure you are a doctor or are you?

  • Well firstly not a doctor as i've said before. Just a guy with a podcast that apparently people can relate to, and what has worked for me has worked for others so my suggestions do have some strength behind them. Secondly doctor wouldn't take the time, or wouldn't have the knowledge to tell you these things, but would in fact write you up a prescription in a heartbeat even for the mildest form of stress (on in my case, joint pain). As I've said before, take my suggestions and find what resonates and works for each of you, and if not, then move on to the next post :) If I've offended you I apologize and have a wonderful day.

  • Hello Dennis

    Back again

    I have noticed you have been a member on this site a while now

    How come after all this time you have just decided to start your crusade and not before ?

    Now I appreciate you have had anxiety for 6 years and have overcome it and during that time you will have had some experiences but this does in no way mean as you are coming across because you came through this without any qualifications which you do not have other than your own experience you can start playing God with peoples life's which the way you come across on here really gives that feeling as you have even resorted to say Doctors do not understand !

    To say that Doctors do not understand and throw pills at people I think is a disgrace and as you are an Admin on another site I think you need to brush up on the Guidelines of Health Unlocked which says something to the effect that this site or anything you read should not take the place of your Doctor , that is not word to word but basically what it says yet you are now clearly in your reply saying Doctors are no good !

    Now this may have been your experience and I think that is what you start to need adding and stressing because for so many with anxiety they have or do have very good Doctors who do understand and they need to put their trust in them not have someone say they do not no what they are doing or understand as well as your Doctor can refer you for therapy with people that are qualified in their field which has helped so many people immensely

    I also think you have to take into account that anxiety is not always as straight forward as you think , that people with anxiety the anxiety part can be just another symptom of a bigger mental health problem and they do need their Doctor and in some cases and do need medication !

    What you write could put some people of trusting their Doctor and receiving the medication they need !

    So you have 6 years of experience with anxiety and a pod cast !

    Wow ....I have had over 30 years of experience but do not go round banging my drum but try and be compassionate and not ram my ideas down peoples throats as there is a time where people just are not ready to listen they need understanding first and takes a while before they can start looking at methods which my help them

    It seems to me that there are a lot of people that their ego's are getting the better of them as there are so many now just like you that have had anxiety that have set up sites etc offering people help & pod casts and where this in some ways may be a good thing I also think it could be a bad thing , personally I enjoy talking to people that have been where I have been sharing their and my experiences but I have had an excellent Doctor over the years and that is where my trust comes in with her not with someone that has decided to make a living out of their anxiety and yes I say this because as I look deeper into what you do , I can see that you may not be making a big profit from your book which on Amazon UK has no reviews and just the one review on the American Amazon but you are then selling what you call your program to people as well as offering sessions at a charge which yes that does bug me if I am honest

    I think when you have suffered with anxiety you would help others and give any spare time for free not take advantage as I see it and make a living out of your own and someone else's misery , in the UK you would have to be registered to do this kind of thing if you are charging , I am not sure if it is the same in Canada and maybe you are registered and I have not spotted it but I am amazed when I look around on Google how many are now doing this kind of thing , better get myself a pod cast !

    You have set up a Community on Health Unlocked and been here several times inviting people to join ?

    Could I make a suggestion that you get that post maybe pinned to the side of this page so members will see it and then if they choose can come and join you over there and you can feed your knowledge to them there , I thought this was the idea of you setting up the Community so members that want that can and members that want this kind of Community can without ruffling feathers , every one happy that way :-)

    Hope your Community thrives on here and this one will stay the happy friendly place that it seems to have been for a long time to come

  • Completely agree Bounce. Well said! Xx

  • Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to sharing it Bounce. I will continue to share mine as long as it works, and as long as people are willing to listen :) hope you can come through your own anxieties naturally one day as well as I feel much pain coming from you. We're all here for the cause, and there's nothing wrong with a little helping hand :)

  • Totally agree this pisses me off when all we are here for is for comfort. Not to be preached on how can i block his posts its starting to annoy me. 😒✋

  • Hello

    You cannot block any one's posts :-(

    However Dennis does have his own Community and just maybe he might take my suggestion and put his posts on there and then those that find them a help can join and follow his posts and those that find them annoying can stay on here :-)

    If not I am afraid it will be a question of just trying to ignore them :-/ x

  • I'm confused, why would people try and ignore posts from someone who's trying to share natural, proven ways of overcoming mental health challenges? Just because I don't have a handy piece of paper that shows I've studied something for 12 years doesn't mean I don't know what i'm talking about. I believe it's your type that adds to the brooding, the pain, and the unopenmindness that so many anxiety sufferers go through. I feel for you I really do. At some point in your life you must let go, trust, and be open to other peoples opinions and suggestions.. By the way, I have the most powerful teaching tool ever assembled in life, it's called experience. And that my friend, can't be studied or bought.

  • Not as confused as I am that you seem hell bent on posting on here when you have a Community to share your experiences and yet you seem to find it more appealing on here

    Please young man I am old enough to be your Mother and find you very patronizing indeed and I hope that ego does not bite you on the bum one day but mean while you asked if I had a problem with you on another post , I have expressed what they are , you seem to have avoided answering most of the points and the fact that someone has to be mature I will stop here and now answering any of your comments or posts

    I do no longer suffer with anxiety and if I did I would certainly not or take one bit of notice of someone with a large chip on their shoulder diagnosing me , be careful not to fall of that very high pedestal you have put yourself on , it might be a long drop !

  • It's unfortunate that you think this way Bounce and I truly feel for your pain. As someone old enough to be my mother I would have hoped you could see the growing numbers when it comes to mental health disabilities, and see the world with a clearer more open mind. Unfortunately that's not the case and I wish you all the luck in the world. I live my daily life with incredible gratitude and love, and simply want this for other people that is all. I wish you the best and if you have any other concerns please let me know directly. For now, I am happy to say many have been helped by my suggestions and will continue to share them as long as possible to begin turning the tables on mental health challenges :) Have a wonderful day dear.

  • Agree with Bounce totally! Common sense you may speak but feeling the need to add your website to your comments clearly confirms that you are just here touting for business, targeting vulnerable and desperate people - those are the type of people who will part with money very easily in their desperation to find help. If you really really genuinely wanted to help others, you wouldn't feel the need to do that.

    I have had a look at your website and low and behold there are the programs and the costs. It's not rocket science to work out! I certainly wouldn't seek help from someone with no medical qualifications either.

    And there is no need to be so patronizing in your comments to Bounce

  • " I live my daily life with incredible gratitude and love, and simply want this for other people that is all"......arn't you forgetting that you want people's money as well

  • I have over 30yrs of experience on the subject and have succeeded in getting over my anxieties but I don't come on here telling everyone "I am not qualified but I have the key to your success! Pay me some money and I will tell you how I did it".........I prefer to offer advice from the heart; that's how people REALLY help each other, NOT by lining someone's pocket through poor mental state

  • Well said Dennis. I literally feel a door has opened and a light has flickered offering me hope since I found you last night on this forum. This is a prime example of people enjoying their suffering and having closed minds to a new life with management skills and coping techniques that could mean an anxiety free new life. Priceless to me. Keep posting. Keep motivating. For yourself firstly and us too. you're not forcing anyone to read your posts. Freedom of choice. But I for one choose to read and get positivity from you. So thanks. Charlotte

  • ditto

  • I don't think that was necessary he is trying to help I honestly don't see anything wrong with what was said in the post..

  • He started his own forum for all this.

  • Thanks!

  • Glad to help :)

  • Agree with Bounce totally! Common sense you may speak but feeling the need to add your website to your comments clearly confirms that you are just here touting for business, targeting vulnerable and desperate people - those are the type of people who will part with money very easily in their desperation to find help. If you really really genuinely wanted to help others, you wouldn't feel the need to do that.

    I have had a look at your website and low and behold there are the programs and the costs. It's not rocket science to work out! I certainly wouldn't seek help from someone with no medical qualifications either

  • Oh dear me xxx

  • Hi All and Dennis,

    Just want to say "I understand" the differing points of view... and I do want to point out Dennis, that some of the things you said really pushed some 'buttons' that needed pushing! :) I am starting therapy this coming week with someone who has helped MANY people SO successfully with all kinds of mental challenges... and she is NOT called an Easy Taskmaster...but I know 'me' and some of my BEST learned lessons have not come from Tea and Sympathy... So, I am anxious to get started...and know, that some of my old mental HABITS have got to be dealt with. My belief system is metaphysical...and its time, I know, I practice what I preach. :)

  • Hello Betty

    I do agree Tea and Sympathy does not get an end result but I do believe that for a short while it is what people need when they are feeling so afraid before they can progress in finding what is going to work for them to overcome their anxiety and different methods work for different people , that is why there are so many paths we can take in our road to recovery till we find the path that suites us personally

    I am pleased that you have had the time to get to know yourself to realize what you need for you and I wish you all the best with this , let us know how you get on :-) x

  • Bounce, I wish I would have read your comment sooner. I have been having trouble getting into his site and just asked jill06 to lead me through it. Maybe I was hesitant for a reason. I don't know. I am all confused now. I don't want to leave this forum although I am noticing less and less on anxiety posts. And then we wonder why we are anxious??? Take care of yourself. Thanks for being an advocate for us.

  • See you there Agora :)

  • Great stuff Betty! I will also be replying to your personal msg later today so thanks for sending that to me and I'll do all I can to help. Keep us update on how it goes pls.

  • speaks volumes that you ignore my posts regarding your touting for business amongst the vulnerable

  • I disagree with that and hope you can find peace.

  • "Find peace" - we will all get that if you take your patronising comments somewhere else. You are so annoying.

  • We need to make room for varying opinions.... If any of us knew it all...we wouldn't be on this forum! :)

  • of course you disagree, and I am at peace with myself thanks, learned to do that many years ago. Feel very sorry for your soul in that you have to come here preying on vulnerable people to get some money in the bank. At least NOW many of us here know what you are up to and won't be falling for it

  • So what about doctors then? They make a living from sick people too! So what if Dennis is earning a living from his experience!? Good luck to him!!!! How can you possibly have a go at people who make a living from a life experience? A personal trainer earns from large clients wanting to lose weight....does that make the PT bad? I'm sure you get my point. Where do you draw the line? Be grateful that Dennis is trying to help.

  • I think we all need to chill out else our anxiety will be through the roof i think opinions have been aired xxx

  • Woah, why is everyone attacking him? I got a lot of helpful information from this post and his previous posts. I don't feel like he's patronizing or crusading or going after anybody... it must've taken a while for him to type this all out to help us. And if you actually click the link to his podcast you will see that they are all free. So that's just more helpful information he's offering for free. I really don't understand why everyone is going NUTS about this. I don't want to fight anybody because it will give me more anxiety haha. Dennis, you seem like a nice guy and your posts have helped me through the past few weeks!

  • Hi there, that's good if you find this helpful to you. I guess we are all different in our views.

    Best wishes to you!

  • I just think its got out of hand xxx

  • Dennis may have paid programs/sections or whatever but in order to keep up with maintaining a website podcast writing articles replying to people's questions takes a lot of time of course he would need funds to keep it all up. We pay our doctors therapists etc they get paid to help us so what's the difference? Dennis is not forcing anyone to pay him it's there if you want it if you don't move along. I think it is very rude to attack him he has said nothing offensive just offering advice and articles on anxiety, I'm just dumb founded by all the negativity.

  • Of course there's a difference he's not qualified in the same way, just someone who seems to be to me, a bit patronising.

    Sorry if you don't agree but that's just my opinion.

  • You are right we are all entitled to our opinion. I personally don't see how he is patronising. I really did not see anything rude or offensive in his article that validated all the attacks. Maybe you could point it out to me what am I missing?

  • Thanks Aazz. I'm a little confused also...

  • don't be so naive Aazz. So it's ok for him to patronize others then?

  • But what in his article was patronizing or offensive?

    I see maybe in his replies to everyone's attacks against him but all this started with that article, he is now responding he did not start anything? This is my point??

  • I think best thing to do now is call it a day xx

  • Also to possibly discuss how the post relates to our own lives.

  • I disagree with many parts of this the but about a small part of me doesn't want to change, I hate being a burden to my family and I used to be a very strong independent person now I have lost my two youngest children through anxiety and won't get then back until I am well so as far as not wanting to change well that's ridiculous I 100% want to change there's no doubt in my mind about that 20 years of my life has been lost to this illness and I would do anything to get well again without any doubts, seconds some people don't have support teams, or services to rely on and init have family/friends so without being able to share feeling thoughts with them would have nobody and therefore would bottle things up and we all know that's no good for anyone it could lead to suicide if we thought we couldn't discuss how we feel because they would distance themselves from us.

  • Sorry to hear. I personally couldn't afford the $175 hours our local therapists cost. I was pretty much a living dead person. I believe in you dear don't ever give up hope. Just keep educating yourself and one day you'll become disinterested in those fears that are running your life. Hugs.

  • Hope you are ok Twinkle DEAR!!!

    Will drop you a private message tomorrow x

  • I'm getting there slowly hun lol ok speak soon hope you are well 😊 x

  • Well ill leave you to it im off xx

  • Me too goodnight x

  • I'm unsure why there is so much criticism on you post,if people feel that it's not appropriate then they have a choice to not follow it and seek help elsewhere.

    I would like to say thankyou for sharing your story,your success and your inspirational positivity,you have taken the time to be very open and honest about yourself and having just listened to one of you podcasts your advice is highly helpful.

    Thankyou,I will certainly be following you to help with my own battle with anxiety.

    You have so much good advice and I would suggest that anyone who is critical of you may be stuck rite now and need to find there way,you've found peace within yourself and that is a crucial part of recovery.

    Kind regards and best wishes from the uk.

  • Kind words thank you ;)

  • Anything that helps anyone back on their feet or allay fears is good.

    Could you imagine someone broken down the side of the road with a flat tyre and they are not physically able to fix or change it, then someone stops to offer a hand and the driver says , no I don't want you to fix it, just looking for some sympathy.So the Good Samaritan says there there ...there you must stay coz now I am on my way!

  • Good analogy  jomico.....

  • Hope everyone's having a symptom free day ;)

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