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I thought it would be good for everyone to, instead of focusing on symptoms, talk about their passions, hobbies; what you simply live to do.

I love writing. I live and breathe words. They are my safe zone; the tool that allows me to show other people exactly what I want them to see, whether in this world or one from my own imagination.

I love to read. Books are doorways to another perspective. They are what get you out of your own head and replace you in another's.

I love to draw. I was not born with the talent but I have accumulated some of it through practice and good ol YouTube how-to's.

I am interested to see what other people love to do and for yourselves, I would love it if you could also post (unless you do not want to) four positive things about yourself. Like:



-i make people laugh


I just thought it would help take your minds off worry and redirect it onto something positive and something you are passionate about. :)


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21 Replies

  • I love to meet people and hang with new people I love laughing and having fun it takes my mind off my anxiety loving to watch a good movie or go to the movies.

  • What is one of your favorite movies?

  • How to loose a guy in 10 days I swear its the funniest and sister act 1 and 2 I could watch it everyday and oh the fighting temptations.

  • I LOVE how to losr a guy in ten days! I have not seeb the other two but I should look into them!

    (Our love fern. You let it DIE.) Hahahaha.

  • Hahahaha yes the dying plant oh that was funny yea sister act 1 and 2 starring whoppi goldberg its really good

  • I will see if I can rent it. I love comedies and many other genres.

  • Yes comedy takes your mind off things because laughter is good for the soul I love to laugh :)

  • Laughter is depression medicine! Goes straight to the heart ^.^

    I also love the film Life as We Know It, the Wedding Planner, and Two Weeks Notice.

  • Watched all except for life as we know it is two weeks notice with drew Barrymore?

  • No it is with Sandra Bullock. Are you thinking of 50 first dates?

  • Mayb well I guess I havent watched that as well gatta check it out.

  • That is very good that you take pleasure from anything you engage in:)

  • Hi,

    I can't draw, my son is very artistic, I got a child's instruction booklet on how to draw, that was about all I could master. I used to Knit and crotchet, but arthritis makes it difficult.

    I love swimming, am going soon, walking, socialising, visiting open gardens, weather permitting, it is so...cold and wet here in Rochdale.

    I love my family and like visiting my grandchildren.

    What do I like about myself.

    I'm friendly, like to laugh, like to help people, and am sensitive.

  • Freee.....zing I agree, where do you live then? I have just come back from Scotland all I can say is I'm glad I am not there now. We had lovely fine weather. xx

  • Wow, that is awesome! I love to swim. We have a lake here and it gets super clear. It is amazing to swim in.

  • Hi,

    A lake to swim in aren't you the lucky one:-) I bet it's awesome to swim in especially when you say it is so....clear. Where do you live.? xx

  • The lake is Lake Tahoe.

  • I like to read.

    i used to write but i havent done that since April.

    i like my cats.

    i like watching movies.

    i play tennis although i dont do competitions anymore.

    I do archery.

    i used to draw but havent for a few years now.

    i like playing rpg games.

    i like skiing.

  • I do archery too! Though havent in awhile. Do you use a recursive or compound?

  • A recursive. Compounds are too heavy (for me).

  • Ah, I see. I would like a recurve, as I believe I would enjoy them more than compounds.

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