I want to encourage people suffering w panic and anxiety

Hi. I'm a 45 year old woman. I have 4 daughters. In my 20s I had very bad panic anxiety and depression. I wasn't in a happy marriage. And my daughter was only 2 when this started. I have had every single symptom and horrible feeling. I also thought I'd die or faint or end up loosing my mind and have to be institutionalized . Or all three Feeling like you have left your body. Feeling scared to leave the house. Or stay home. Fear of embarrassing myself . Or even by thinking the worst possible outcome was about to happen to me or my daughter ect. I must say. I feel for all of you still suffering. It is one of the worst emotional and physical pains to experience. Knowing you are not alone in your pain helps. But the fear keeps you bound. There's hope. I promise. W no medicine. One of my fears was pills. So I never took any. After suffering silently I finally started speaking about this. I had some family support. And some very non supportive people in my life. Eventually I went to a group therapy session for panic sufferers. After hearing that these people were suffering for 17 years. Or 8 years. I decided my 2 years was enough. Because my anxiety started w a cough and bad cold I thought my case was different. I was bound for death. But after hearing that so many people were going through this and finally going to therapy I started praying. And continued. And my life changed . As fast as anxiety showed up. It left. Never quit Do the things you are afraid to do. Challenge yourself to take the subway. What ever it is that keeps you locked away inside. Give it to God. And keep showing the enemy that he lost this time. Sing . Smile. Pray. Talk to who will listen. I wasn't going to still be going to therapy in 17 years. That was my mindset. You had an attack. Attack back. Stay hydrated. Eat balanced meals. Sleep when it comes. Ride the waves. And breath. Don't allow your feelings stop you from eating healthy and sleeping. Even if your ears are ringing and your grinding your teeth. Pray. It works. God. I pray for my beloved brothers and sisters right now. In the name of Jesus. Show them the truth of your love. And let them use their testimony of freedom from this time in their life to help heal others. Amen


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  • This made me cry out of thankfulness.

  • This moment of your life is not the end of it. You will come out of this so strong. Never give up. Your story WILL help others soon. The joy of the lord will be your strength. You are in my prayers.

  • All healing comes from God. Jesus was a mortal but the greatest healer of them all. He continues his healing ministry in the realm of spirit along with many other healing ministers many of whom worked in healthcare in theirearthly lives. This forum is not the right place to attempt religious conversions but those of us who feel they have been helped in their recovery in this way should be free to mention it.

  • That's was nice to read I'm glad you r better now I wish I was to be honest

  • How old are you Jamie.? If you don't mind me asking. I promise that you will not be stuck in this forever. I know we all experience things differently. Our triggers may be different. If I told you my whole story before this period of my life it may not reflect yours. I don't know how long you are going through this. I will most certainly be praying for you. Keep as positive an outlook as possible. I remember my vision being blurred or overly clear. The way my hearing was affected was ridiculous. I would watch people's mouth move but not hear a thing. I thought I was having a heart attack everyday. Was in the ER every other day. It was horrible. If God worked in my situation He will do the same for you. I love you. I do. I'm here if u want to talk

  • Thanks for that and I'm 28 and I've had it for 3/years

  • Hi there. So seems to me like you might be going through that late 20s shift. It's a time in your life when even subconsciously you go through changes. Sometimes we change the way we see the world. Or ourselves. The subconscious mind is an amazing thing. I went through this in my earlier twenties. But I was experiencing things most woman experience in there later twenties n earlier thirties. Having a child. Getting married. It was a few years in when I realized wat I was really facing. I thought I was on top of the world. So happy. But bills ect. Whew. I would have such racing thoughts. It was truely a nightmare. As I said in my first post. I had pretty much every physical symptom. U name it. I might have even had some that were not known by anyone else. It was severe. The people in the ER knew me by name and would shake their heads when they saw me. You're here again ? I was like. Well this is it. I'm really having that heart attack this time. I couldn't even poop with out thinking my heart was going to stop. Point is. A couple years later. When I decided to trust that my therapist. Who I only went to six times . When I decided she wasn't lying to me. I made some changes. I had always prayed. And I feel like God was telling me. Take your daughter on the train and go into the city and spend the day w her playing. The city ?? The subways?? Oh God. You have the wrong girl. No it's ok go. Ok God. You know what. I'd white knuckle it. Heart racing. Smiling at my daughter on my lap the whole way. Surely everyone knew I was about to freak out. Nope. Never happened. It only took a couple of challenges before I realized. Oh jeez I have been scared for nothing. I had to make some hard changes. But the panic anxiety and clinical depression just left. I remember that once when I actually wasn't serving God for a while. Us Christians call this back sliding. I smoked pot a few times. And each time I would experience panic so bad. I decided to follow Jesus. I left that life. I have 3 more beautiful girls. My oldest is the same age I was when I went through the panic. You will get through this. All who read this. There is an end. Just don't waste your pain. The beauty in the things that God allows us to go through is that we can use it to help others. Yes. Panic disorder was probably the worst hell I have gone through. And I have been through many many horrors in my days after that time. But because I had the panic and and anxiety early in my life. Guess what. I was able to handle all the crap I went through and continue to go through with confidence and strength. I give God all the glory. This will make u ready for anything the world throws at u. I'm here for u. Love u all

  • 2670, I just saw your posts this morning. They are very powerful as well as positive. We need a lot of people like yourself who can relay the power of hope and believing in yourself and in God. I hope you continue writing on the forum. One message may make the difference in someone getting better and turning their life around. We all have a reason for being here, yours is certainly apparent.

    Thank you. Peace & Calm x

  • I'm glad u found some hope in my post. When we suffer and feel hopeless it is sometimes that one person that offers the right words. I remember the times I was just in the park pushing my daughter on the swings and feeling all alone and just uptight. Symptomatic . And a person would just say something to me and start a conversation that would lead to hope. It seemed that my prayers were actually being heard. Because it happened enough times that the stories I was hearing all helped so much. And during my healing. I'd just replay those stories. And my rewind replay was it worked for them. It worked for them . It can work for me. God is good. He leads us to the right people places and at the perfect time. I am praying for us all. I'm greatful for my panic and anxiety now. Because everything else I had to face in life since that time in my life has had to stand up against that. And seemed small. We're in His hands . He is love. Love is the key to everything. The perfect answer.

  • For those who feel discomfort around relgious faiths ket me tell you that you can overcome your anxiety. Although i have no doubt the God is good I found my way back on my own. I wont go into all the details but basically I learned to love myself and found that I am the hero I have been searching/begging for. Your are not broken or bad, you are loveable!!!! Try the books Loveability by Robert Holden and I ❤me by David Hamilton. You can do it xx

  • I agree that we conquer anxiety through a variety of decisions we make from books we choose and therapy or support groups. I'm in the category of people who feel that it is through God that we find these books and the individual means of help. That His still small voice guides us and gives us the strength to keep looking for the answers that eventually lead us to our redemption . I know that not everyone believes as I do. So thank you so much for your reply. I'm an old dog at 45. My posts will always reflect God Jesus n Holy Spirit . Sorry if it offends anyone. I don't push my convictions on people. But for those who feel the hope in my posts feel free to reply. If it's not for you. Feel free to just pass it by as I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings. Still I agree that there are many very informative books. One that helped me on my way to health 20 plus years ago was freedom from fear and anxiety. I don't remember the author momentarily. I wish this type of forum was available back when I went through this myself. I Thank God that I found my freedom in the way I did. Imagine all those people that suffered from panic and anxiety and clinical depression as I did that lived in an era that there were no books or therapists or groups available. I wonder how they taught themselves to get passed their fears and symptoms. Whew. Have a great day to all who read this. 😊

  • I had a panic attack this morning but I felt faint before it . Is that how it happens for most of you ? And then sets you in a panic? My anxiety has unfortunately shifted from my tummy to off balance Unreal feeling .

  • Hi. Honestly. My symptoms were so all over the place. No rhyme or reason . Nothing that was consistent . I had them at different times. And felt them in all different places in my body

  • Thank you. I needed to hear what you have to say. I am praying and fighting back. I am doing things despite the anxiety (although I am taking medication right now). Today I drove to the bank by myself and made a payment on a bill. Might not sound like a big deal, but it was to me. Just functioning and doing things instead of lying on the couch too much is a big deal...watering plants, doing laundry, sweeping the floor, etc. If you could add me to your prayers, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

  • So glad I found this! I've had terrible health anxiety for the last five months.... I also believe in God but am still trying to get over the anxiety

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