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Hello I'm 24 years old male I had my first panic attack back in December now everyday I get little attacks here and there but the most thing I can't take is the pressure and dizziness in the head I feel like I had pressure in the back of my head and when I stand I get dizzy, I've been out of work due to this problem for the past 2 weeks I've been laying up in bed just depressed could that be the issues putting so much pressure on my head all I could think about is this not going away and be possibly dying which gets me worked up and having a attack I really need some help


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  • Hi i just read your post the best thing for you would be to go doctors ang get checked up properly its better to get checked before anything gets worser, the doctors will help you alot by reffering you to a clinic i hope you be okay soon :) x

  • Thank you I hope I do to anxiety is a pain and I hope I could pass by this

  • You hopefully will dont worry just keep your hopes high an try to stay positive.

  • Awhh yes ofcourse i understand you just have to beleive you can get through it ..

  • Hi sorry your going through this go to doctor,thiers nothing tbey have not heard,anxiety is very common ,lying in bed thinking is a no,no, anxiety feed anxiety,take controll of your life again ,go out even if its to the local shop,take mr anxiety with you,you will be the winner if you do ,,,small steps ,anxiety will rule your life but you are in charge of your life ,so start now get to doctor rule out anything you think,,,is wrong be brutally honest with doctor tell him everything, take charge again ,but do it now do t waist another minute on whats most likely a very tired mind ,,good luck ,please let me know how things go 😊

  • Thank you dolly I will I have a appointment today at 3 pm with my doctor thank you so much for the response makes me feel like I'm not alone God bless

  • Good luck 😊

  • So I've been to the doctor they put me on Zoloft 25mg today I started hope this takes this away so I could live a normal life you think it will take my dizziness away and head pressure??

  • Have you been to a doctor. Have them take blood and check your Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin D and B12 levels. When those things are low it can make you feel like crap. You can also check out your SCM muscle which is in your neck. Look up this muscles and the problems it can give you as well. Another thing is wisdom teeth. I have heard that people who have impacted wisdom teeth can get very dizzy from them. And last have your ears checked by an ENT. See if you are not having any inner ear issues. The think to remember is that a panic attack will not hurt you and it will pass soon and that is what you have to tell yourself and yes I have had them and I know how scary they can be.

  • You said you have had them did they go away and thank you for the reply makes me feel a lot better to no I'm not alone

  • You not alone and yes I have not had one for a while. I think once I realized that I was ok and not going to die I learned how to deal with things better. I have been dizzy for 4 yrs everyday and it is not easy. I have been to every doctor and they all tell me I am fine. I am still trying to figure out why I am dizzy but I have come to learn that it is not going to kill me and yes it is unpleasant but I refuse to give in to it and give it a life of it's own. If you give these feelings power they will win the battle. When I had a panic attack I would tell myself that this is just a feeling my body is having and I am in a safe place where no harm can come to me and I was fine. I breath in through my nose and out my mouth allowing by belly to fill up and not breathing with my chest and it passed.

  • Dizzyness for 4 years I cant even think about that you are a very strong person I don't think I could do that lol do you do Everythin that you still want like go out side enjoy your self go to parks play sports

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