Hi Everyone, seems like we all have the doc phobia. Mine bp is up when I am there as soon as I get home its normal. I have a bp monitor and I check when getting out of bed, one during day and the evening and it's normal. Was given meds but don't drink them. They feel meds will help but on the other hand it starts another complaint. Someone asks about normal bp reading - the normal is 120/80 but the AHA has been moving it up and down. They are saying normal now is 110/70. I go with 120/80. Before starting meds check with an herbalist. Good luck to everyone!


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  • Hi,yep my BP is always mega high wen I go to docs just the thought of going sends it into overdrive.I also have a home monitor,and if I ever need to go to GP I take it along with me to let him know what my regular rates are.Your BP fluctuates throughout the day and also depends on your activities. I used to take mine all the time, but now only once a week or so(I was getting a bit OCD with it all) Think 120/80 is normal but take into account other factors such as age weight etc.I also agree that the holistic approach is good, I try and steer clear of the antidepressant route having had bad experiences in the past!

    Take care


  • Hello.

    Blood pressure higher when you see the doctor!

    It's called 'white coat' syndrome.

    Seems a lot of people's BP. Raises when they get to docs.surgery.very common.

  • Sometimes this is called a white coat phobia when the person is concerned by a procedure. I you have just arrived at the GP surgery and you have walked a distance you really need to relax before you see the GP so get there say ten to fifteen mins before your appointment

    One danger is, if you take your own blood pressure to much you are defeating the object as you may not have been doing something different that the previous day.

    Your figures seem not to bad above


  • I find that when the nurse takes my blood pressure before she goes over my medicines, my pressure is always higher. So I began telling her to go over my medicines first (give me a chance to do deep breathing and relax), then check my pressure and it's usually normal.

  • Hi Steadfast 66,

    The nurses always in a hurry. If high at first they need to take it again in about 10 to 15 mins. Once mine was so that when doctor came in I told him and he took it again and it was lower. I don't use the meds I love my herbs. Have a blessed day! !

  • What herbs are you taking? I tried Valerian once, but not sure if it made a difference.

  • Use Red Clover Leaf and check out this website see if anything mentioned there you need to stay clear of. It is herbalremedies.com.

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