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Please help me

Hey everyone, this anxiety has been ruined my life in this past 4 months . I was a very active and happy girl before anxiety, i do lots of sports (volleyball, tennis, swim and run) . My GP had diagnosed me with anxiety 2 years ago but i didn't really need any special help i still can do my normal activity but not as active as i used to . But this past 4 months is the worst, it started after i hangover the next day i woke up i felt my heart skip a beat i was so panic and my sister took me to ER i had EKG and blood test done and all came back normal, but then two weeks after i keep worrying about having a heart attack my sister took me to Bali to refresh my mind the saddest thing was i didn't even dare to move a leg into the water, i think i ruined the holiday because all i wanted to do was staying at the hotel after back from Bali i decided to go to see a consultant cardiologist, he didn't find anything wrong (i had my EKG, X-ray, blood and hormonal test done) and all came back normal, but after that i still don't feel any better so i decided to go to an internist, he didn't find anything wrong too and i went to see to this famous internist in my town to get a second opinion done several tests and all okay, he sent me to psychiatrists then my therapist give me some medicines that make me even more anxious(dizzy, sweating palms, floating feeling) after i took it ! Until i write this i never really leave my house, even doing a light activity already make me feel so tired ! I have this nasty chest pain and hard to breath sometime all my symptoms change everyday tho, sometime i have migraine and muscles weakness too!!! My mother died from lymphoma cancer 6 years ago and my dad died from heart attack(in front of my eyes) 3 years ago (both died in March, and everytime March comes i feel more anxious)!!! I'm constantly having a nightmare and it's really driving me crazy !! i miss me being me, the old happy me :(

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Hello, if you read through this forum u will see a lot of us worry about our hearts and how they beat it's very common and scary, I know exactly what you are going through and the thing about the holiday ypur just like me, I often feel I spoil things for my daughter boyfriend and family on holidays and days out, I won't go far and leave the car as I get panicky I worry when I'm on holiday about hospitals etc I've once backed out on a romantic trip to Paris on the day of the flight I just couldn't get in the plane and then two years later I did the same on a family holiday to Tunisia ,terrible!! I let my family down even going shopping I spend most of my life waiting in the car for others now I've had this for 15 years and belive me u still can have good days, it's important to enjoy them and work through the bad times and remember you are not alone xx


It's so sad that i feel like i can't enjoy my life anymore :(


Has anyone checked your B12 and B9 levels at any point? - you used to be quite active and that can use up your B12 resulting in a deficiency - one of symptoms of B12 deficiency is anxiety. Another is continual tiredness and lack of energy

you can find a more complete list of symptoms here


I understand the March thing as my dad also died in March and there is something particular about the light at this time of year so ...


My family's doctor a bit stubborn, even at the first time he told me it's not necessary for me to go to cardiologist cause he believe that I'm totally fine based on my medical records he got, he always say "it's in your mind dealara" . If it's only in my mind, why it seems so real ? :(


Hi , I do feel for you . I think you should give medicine another chance , speak to your doctor and ask them to change antidepressant and give at least 10'days to start working. Most people get all the side affect when start taking antidepressants. I am generally against taking medicine but if the situation is pretty bad it would be stupid not too try . As soon as the medicine works go to therapy , remember medicine should be a short time thing only no more than 6 month ad you dont want to become dependant.

I understand you scared because the way your parents died. My mother has cancer and her sister died of cancer and my dad has heart problems . I have anxiety and panic disorder and I am in therapy now . There is so many things you can try for anxiety. I think you should stop obsessing about your health first as it doesnot help you in any way . Clearly you had all of the test done and you are fine. health anxiety is very common in people with anxiety and what is suffer is anxiety nothing else.

Let me know if you want me to recomand you some things you can do help with the anxiety , it help me so much .

Stay strong


I'm so hopeless . I really don't know what i have to do to overcome this, it puts me in misery :(

But thank you so much for your support.

Stay strong !


You are NOT hopeless. You have health anxiety even if all the tests indicate you're fine. Please know that the MORE you obsess or think about certain health matters, the more anxious you'll become and the quicker your heart is going to beat. The more more stressed/anxious you are, the more stress hormones you'll be releasing into your body.

Please find a good therapist - DON'T settle - and try to get to the root of the cause. You WILL overcome this, but it will take time, work and personnel commitment.


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