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Hi everyone I'm new here. I've been having head pressure with dizziness. Sometimes my head feels heavy other times it feels light like its floating. I also feel pressure by my forehead. I googled up my symptoms and scare myself more thinking it's a tumor,brain clot or aneurysm and I start crying thinking I'm gonna die. I have no money for head scans I'm just really scared and worried :-( plz help


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  • Hello

    You would get the scans on the NHS.

    Go and see the GP he will put your mind at rest


  • Thank u for the reply

  • I used to have these symptoms. Band around head, light head, heavy head,mfoggy head, thick head, zapped head, you name it. But now THEY ARE GONE. They went when I stopped worrying over them.

  • I'm trying not to focus on it so much but it's just hard and least I know others know what I feel thanks

  • Hi and welcome to the site . As everyone who uses this site will know what the many symptoms of anxiety are. Including feeling pressure in the head. The more you focus on your head the more you will feel pressure. Over forty years I have convinced myself I have had every life threatening disease there is. Health Anxiety is my problem but I have kept a full time job and raised three children. Try and stop what you are doing and think about your body from head to toe. Start with your head. I bet its so tense and feels like its being crushed. Let your whole body feel like its sinking into whatever you are laying on. There are lots of relaxation videos on you tube that really do help you .

  • I have that I get it sometimes only one side alway my left side feel presure but the dizzy it was everyday Past 6 month right now is getting better the only problem is my head specialy hurts cuz my tooth

  • Most of anxiety problems are in the mind although they are very real to the sufferer, so I would as a matter of course, go and see your GP. He will be concerned and put your mind at rest.

    When I was in my teens I would always worry if I had a headache or a bad back, sometimes I would have a bad tummy and I would think I had a problem with my digestion system etc. The GP would put my mind at rest and most of the problems I had were to do with sprains and strains when doing my activities at work or when I was out dancing etc.

    When we are young many people would worry the end of their life was nigh and begin to worry. Many of these worries were just part of growing up.

    See your GP, He will most probably put your mind at rest and try and prove there is nothing wrong by doing relevant checks


  • I get strange sensations in my head. Lots of lightheadedness, dizziness, floating and feel like I might faint almost everyday. Sometimes I even feel like I can't walk properly. These feelings come out of the blue and are so frightening

  • Yes that's how i am i feel like im unbalanced. I'm scared to walk thinking i might fall or pass out it just sucks :-(

  • Hi ive been feeling the exact same way for a long time now...I had my thyroid removed and I have told my endocrinologist this and she wasnt much help but she told me it might be anxiety but I dont want no maybe ...I just want to make sure nothing serious is going on...after a few years now since I got my thyroid removed im feeling more sick, dizzy, unbalanced, head spinning , weakness but I havent had an MRI done...I hope its nothing serious...but the best thing u can do is pray about also....also go to the doctor and try talking to one that will give u some kind of answer or test done...its debilating everyday for me that I cant hardly focus on what I need to do especially driving that it makes me feel weird and scares me cause I think im losing it... I dont know what it is but need some answers also.......

  • I have had extreme head pressure for 7 weeks now. I've had Mri scans and it is all clear. It is a bad chronic tension headache and this has been diagnosed by a neurologist and 2 doctors. I have been put on amitriptyline for the head pressure but the one thing I would highly recommend is to go for a head, neck and shoulder massage. The results are amazing. Hope u feel better soon and try to relax. A shower also helps. Good luck 😀

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