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I am petrified of death. The biggest fear is being buried and being cremated.

I know we’ve all got to die, but I just can’t accept it. I’ve always been scared since I was a little girl.

I seem to have bouts where I think about it every day. At the moment i’m Thinking about it as a close family friend died the other day, and I feel so sad. I feel so ill. My head has so much pressure inside that i’m Scared i’ll have a hemorage. I haven’t got headache, but it feels so tight, and dizzy.

Wish I wasn’t so scared.

Please help.


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I have the same thoughts and was always the same too. We need to try and think about the day ahead rather than the future. Easier said than done. You are not alone in this X

Sorry for your loss & hugs to you & I hope these feelings will pass very soon.

I think we are all scared of death/dying. So you fears are not unreasonable. Especially, when you have just witnessed death. I had similar episode when my dad died 3 years ago...I developed health anxiety etc. Seeing a therapist really helped me I have to say. Plus it takes time to accept our mortality and make peace with the fact that this day will come. It is easy to say “don’t worry...focus on the present” but in fact it takes practice to learn how to overcome that fear. Maybe you should see bereavement services or find a therapist? It is a difficult journey and a little help is important xx

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Thank you for your help and advice. I think I will go and see my doctor.

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Please please please do! The best thing I have ever done for myself is asking for help. It’s not a shame. I am not crazy. I am just fragile and I need someone impartial to guide me. And don’t be scared. You are not alone :) xx

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your family friend. It is times like these that bring us to the reality of death. We don't generally spend a lot of time thinking about death when young, unless someone close to us goes on. Facing our fears of death is something we all have to deal with, sooner or later.

I lost a lot of close family members all throughout my growing-up years. It was in time when grief counseling was unheard of. I was terrified of death. What would happen to me? I looked at my departed loved ones in their coffins, and I could see that the person I knew and loved was no longer there. So where did they go? Were they really confined in a box in the ground, where they would eventually turn to ashes? Did it matter, since they weren't in the box, anyway? Cremation didn't become an option for most, until my adult years. Cremation hurried the process of burial. I came to realize that the body is a vessel for the spirit. The spirit leaves the body immediately after the last breath. Once the spirit is gone, the body becomes an empty shell. This has been scientifically proven. A test was done by two scientists in the early 19900's. A man about to die was placed, with his bed, on a scales, and weighed. The scientists took turns observing the man, for his last breath. At the exact moment of death, the scales was observed to decrease by 2 oz. A new test was designed to follow the exact same procedure used, in more recent times. At the exact moment of death, the scales lost 2oz. That the two tests, conducted about a century apart, were replicated, tends to support the idea that the spirit leaves the body at point of death. So, it seems to me that the question is not what happens to the body after death, but what happens to the spirit? The answer to this question can be found in books written by Dr. Raymond Moody. Many researchers have followed Dr. Moody in his research about death. All have reached the same conclusions. I suggest you research the findings, and you may find relief from your worries about death.

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Thank you so much for your reply. It made me feel a bit better.


P.S. I didn't mention that I am not afraid of death. Death is merely a mortal word for passing to the next phase of life.

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Thank you. I hope one day I can say that about death.

Emma143, this post might give you some ideas about how to deal with the thoughts

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Thank you very much. That’s a really good idea. I will have a go. Thanks for taking the time to text me all that information.

Sorry about your loss. I used to think about death alot when I was a little girl and still do from time to time now (I am 40). I found Caitlin Doughty (Ask A Mortician) on you tube a big help in becomeing death posstive. She also has some books out that I hope to read soon. Not that long ago I started talking therpy and recomend when you see the Doctor next asking about this.

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Thank you for helpful advice. I’ll have a look on you tube.

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