I feel on edge like my chest feels heavy I get scared to breathe because I don't want to have a heart attack I try to lay down and go to sleep but I can hear and feel my heart pounding and when that happens I go into a panic attack and can't move I get angry I even pour water on my head to try to calm down and it gets really bad when I'm alone. Is this normal?


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  • apayett24, it is normal when you have anxiety disorder. Your chest may feel heavy to you but what it is, is muscle tightness which at the same time feels like your chest won't expand to get that breathe. But it will and you can breath. You won't get a heart attack, the thought of that happening to you is allowing you to hear your heart beating which then causes a panic attack. And so you have completed the circle of fear. I understand being alone can make the symptoms more scary but you need to tell yourself that you have had this before and it will not defeat you. Get angry, but angry at the anxiety not at yourself. When adrenaline is coursing through your body it's best to get out of bed and start moving. I usually pace to rid my body of the rush. It's like having your body catch up to what your heart is doing. Even going up and down steps will help. The worse thing you could do is stay in bed and listen and watch for the next heart beat. You are the boss of your body. Don't let your mind dictate. xx

  • It's just so hard I feel like it's never going to end like this is it like I have nothing better that I will never have a normal healthy life like I should just give up

  • apayett, it will end for you and you will get back to doing things like you use to. The first thing is not giving up. Don't think it, don't say it. Believe it or not, it just reinforces the "anxiety bully". You want to be normal again, then you need to get back in control of your thoughts and actions. It will happen. It will. x

  • Thank you

  • i havent really got any advice but just remember there are others who feel the same as you and you are not alone.

  • You are not alone

    I'm going to pray for you 💟

  • Thanks

  • You are definatly not alone x I have been going to anxiety clinic to help me really was getting on well x then I have been on holiday for two weeks which I really relaxed and chilled out x I git back Saturday went to back to work Wednesday and the chest pains and lump in my throat started up again x went to doctors he is getting me to have another ecg and treadmill test see what is going on x but I just think it's u the anxiety setting in again x I've just gotta try chilling out and think different again get my self on track x it's easier said than done x but you will get there x goid days and bad days x take care x

  • I have anxiety attacks had them for 20 years and still cant control them they beat me everytime they scare the life out of me but then I think donna these started 20 years ago and your still alive so get yourself together

  • That is how long I have had mine too. I agree- I always think I should just get it together, but that hasn't helped me in 29 years.. Ha! I have started praying to Jesus for help.

  • Its hard though when you have an attack it also affects my breathing which is scary

  • I know exactly how you feel, and it makes me feel somewhat relieved to know I am not alone in my "suffering". I have the breathing issues too. It usually starts out feeling like my ribs lock up and I cannot take in a satisfying breath... Then my heart rate will speed up... Then starts the panic. My heart will shoot off like a rocket and then I start gasping for air. It is so terrifying! I can sometimes talk myself down, but not always. I have started calling out to Jesus. It dawned on me the other day that He experienced anxiety too... Before he was crucified. He knows what we are feeling. I know that He will help me get through this....And He can help you to :). How do your panic attacks feel?

  • I have hot flashes

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