My head gets a pressure and when it happens I get scared that I might have a tumor I want a CT scan but I have not left my house in 9 months I have take the exam that they use in the hospital to test for a tumor. My symptoms are shaky heart racing sweaty hands sometimes I feel like I'm forgetting my self and others my family says I don't have a tumor I was diagnosed with anxiety a year ago and I had this problem before but it went away for a year now it's back and I can't get over it I'm only 24 I'm scared to take meds. Plz someone help!


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  • I too feel those symptoms. It can drive a person mad! I'm sorry you're dealing with that, I know how annoying and frustrating it is. I look back and think wow, I got through another day, another week, another month, and so on.. I tell myself this is anxiety and I'm facing it but not letting it control me. Try to think positive good thoughts and keep telling yourself it will get better and better and be proud of yourself for getting through so many months and know that you're strong. Look forward to things, do puzzles, read a good book, talk to others with anxiety (that has helped me a lot! I'm so thankful to know we're really not alone in this!)

  • It certainly sounds like anxiety. Why do you think the problem came back, did something change in your life? Once anxiety takes hold, it is not that easy to release it's symptoms. I too suffer from head pressure. It's an uncomfortable and scary feeling. I have had it for years and have learned to control it by different methods because I too, am afraid of taking meds. Two things are usually going on when you get that feeling. One is that your muscles in your face and head are so tight because of the anxiety. Second, it usually helps if you hydrate. I am agoraphobic as well. I am anxious most of the time so I totally understand what you are going through. The list is long but the same for all of us. Talking therapy would be beneficial as well as learning different modalities such as deep breathing exercise which calms the body and mind. Exercise maybe just walking might help. Meditation, relaxation and imagery are my favorites. These are just some of the things that can be used instead of medication. Sometimes, we do need that extra help with meds. Your doctor will make that decision. You are so young and I know it is robbing you of living each moment to the fullest. I'm glad you came to this forum. If you have questions, this is the place to come. Hope this helps some. You WILL be okay. :)

  • My family thinks it keeps coming back bc I'm a rape victim. That an I lost my grandma 2 months ago we were taking care of her.

  • Thank you for sharing a personal tragedy in your life. I am sorry about your grandma. Anxiety usually doesn't come out of no where. If you aren't already in therapy, I would suggest finding someone you can connect with. You have an issue that needs to be addressed as well as the grieving of your grandmother. I wish you the best in finding the help you need. xx

  • Thank you

  • Hey, I am battling the exact same at the moment! It's awful. My GP always tells me that it's just my anxiety and panic that brings on the symptoms, it's also reassuring to know that things like tumors are so so rare!

  • I just get scared of having one bc of my symptoms I'm scared to die

  • I have very similar symptoms and I've had a full work up and no tumor. The chance you have one is very low. It's more likely anxiety or maybe some sinus issue

  • Thank you

  • I too have the head pressure pretty scary what I've noticed is that I get it really bad in the spring so it might be sinus related. That's my next step to see an ENT dr. I just had a cardiologist work up and everything is fine. I had a MRI a few years ago. but I want another one, but my copay for that is $200😁 Praying we all get through this awful time!

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