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Hi guys!

Im new to this - Just recently joined.

So basically Im on this site to find out ways in which people who have fully recovered or are recovering from mild depression/anxiety, what they did/do and how to help it.

Ive never been diagnosed with full blown depression and Im not on any medication but I know throughout the last 5 years my self confidence has lowered and self esteem has also decreased! Because of this I have periods of feeling low and anxiety very often!

What I really want to know is how can I make a full recovery? I know its a journey and its day by day, but I genuinely am sick to death of putting my own needs on the back burner - its easy to go along and do what other people want you to do and think you should do... Sometimes I dont think about myself and have to remind myself that Im living for ME and nobody else.

Im the most confident and sociable person on the outside but behind closed doors I feel low and feel like Im missing out on happiness that I deserve and want - happiness that I used to have. I have a handful of very good and loyal friends who support me - but I find it hard to make new friends and be truely confident in new social situations - this is because I get shy in large groups and dont fully feel free to express myself and be myself. Sometimes I even feel myself mirroring negativity that people pass onto me which is not like me at all because I am a generally happy person - but its easily done! Energy is passed over!

I just want advice from people who are going through it/been through it and some advice on what they did! I know all the normal things like exercise and eat well....... lots of sleep! I do all those things - but somethings missing!


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Hi pandorapetal,

When I was at my worst state of anxiety I would tell myself I knew how I used to be anxiety free & kept telling myself that's how I will be again had to really visualise that old feeling, take it day by day I have a diary I enjoy writing all my feelings , even stuff u would like to do like go out with friends , or even inviting my friend over for a cuppa &,a cake I find it helps me , or I want yo fond a book I I love it even a magazine article or a beauty product cheap & effective so much to enjoy im trying to take care if myself &;nurture my needs cis I too Hove so much time to everyone else . So just a few ideas thoughts ,I'm full of cold &,have a big meeting tomo how will I get through big hugs binkynoo nite nite x


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