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First post here, here it goes so for nearly a year now i haven't been feeling normal and its becoming to much of a problem to hide. I constantly feel on edge and think something bad is going to happen then i over think simple stuff thinking in my head 100's of ways a situation will end up. I just dont know what to do anymore i feel hopeless feeling like this i dont like being around people and most defiantly people that i dont know i get really nervous and dont know how to understand what is happening. there's so much more i need to say but its too much to put up here im just thinking about seeing a doctor but that makes me feel worried about how they will judge me and thats my problem with all of this any advice would be great, thanks

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Hi zugzwang

Well done managing to do your first blog , I no how hard that is , so feel proud this is a big step for you

I understand & have & do feel everything you have explained

Sounds like anxiety , I no that's what I suffer with & makes me feel as you do

Please go & see your GP , they wont judge , its their job , they have heard it all before & more

If you think you will struggle , take this what you have written & just pass it them to read , many of us have done that , when we find it hard to talk face to face

Everyone here will support you , lovely people , we don't judge & understand

Don't suffer , you don't have to , there is help out there , I no its not easy , but you can do it

GP would be the best start & is what I would advise, as well as talking on here

Hope you feel a little more at ease , let us no how you go on & Welcome





I know how you feel just been to 1 shop and had palpitations shaking could not wait to get home always thinking what is going to happen was never like this do not know what is happening so please don't think you are alone or being judged believe me we are all understanding on here. Take Care xxxxx


Hi Zugzwang

I can relate to your post..

as always already some awesome advice, and you know your not alone..

similarly.. most of my life was more or less normal, reasonably active, enough energy to do whatever I needed etc.. just Normal (ish) history of any anxieties as such, kind of shy, but normal... I Would still go out, meet people, do whatever

but shortly around the age of 40 I noticed I would worry more, and well. over the last year really it's become more and more apparent that I'm dealing with anxiety, like everything you mentioned, and pretty much a lot of stuff at times other have mentioned.. guess we all kind of up on a natural quest to research more once we realise that it's actually become a big factor in our lives, but for me perhaps it was always there, but just suppressed somehow.. and 40 was some kind of trigger (not sure yet).. or things just got more and more intense, and stressful etc that lead to anxiety....

Eventually I just didn't have the energy to pretend anymore..

but it reached a point which, well lead me here.. and it's basically holding me back from my life... I realised at some point I became a recluse more or less, and just kind of tried to hide from everything.. (still do)

not to mention actually living with it, and all that comes with that..

so far as feeling judged, I can understand that worry too.. I have the same, but I think these days.. there is so much more awareness now of it etc, and well.. seems so many more people now actuallly seem to suffer with some form of it etc..

that hopefully your doc will already have several probably patients who already suffer with some form of or some level of anxiety etc, and so will understand .. and be able to discuss with you without you feeling judged etc.

I'm still on the research stage and trying to understand and learn as much as I can about it all, and experiencing it soo... but I find writing does help, and you did a good job explaining and expressing how you feel.. which reminded me of how I felt

.. but just not to worry about being judge (far easier said than done) and, and well.. it sounds like your already taking active steps to clear it and get back on track to where you want to be, however you choose to do that.. so already moving forward in some shape or form.

but this place is amazing and I learnt a lot here, but the vibe, everything this site was the first time I felt like I found a place where others could actually understand and relate.. so its always good to know were not alone.. whatever it is were dealing with.

I've never been to a doc, and still not sure whether I will, but I choose to get beyond this too!..


Hi and welcome

You have had some good advice already and please rest assured that this is a really good place to talk about how you are feeling. I can relate to all that you have said and understand your worry at being judged. I have struggled most of my life and just recently struggled through for nearly a year.. I was constantly on edge and worrying about worrying until I could barely sleep or eat and it led to a severe depression. With hindsight I wish I had gone to my gp much sooner as there is so much more understanding nowadays and some great therapies available. Please don't struggle on we understand and so will your gp. There's some great support on here so I hope you feel able to keep blogging. Take care love eve x


Would like to say thanks for the advice given, it means alot be be understood with all this i think im now ready to take the next step now.


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