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Hi All,

I had a massive period of anxiety in 1999, total meltdown.

14 years of combined Prozac 20mg and beta blockers. Which for complex reasons never really worked as I would have liked them to.

18 months ago, I switched to Sertraline 100 mg, after paying to see a private Psychiatrist several times.

I have to say, regarding Sertraline vs Prozac for anxiety, take Sertraline, hands down it's helped me immensely.

I could type for longer about my history, drug interactions for individuals, the counselling I have had, and many other topics, but I felt compelled to write this quickly , in the hope that anyone reading this who suffers anxiety and is wondering which SSRI would best help, might take heed.

If you read about the physiology of Prozac it actually promotes anxious states, stimulating you in a negative way. I went 14 years believing the NHS were clearly correct in their prescribing.

The truth is, after a wrong initial meeting in 99, I had 14 years of GP's who didn't question, and didn't have time to help.


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It's great that sertraline helped you but remember everyone's bodies are different so many people will be making changes when one doesn't work (3 months the time limit) you go on to the next.

Why did you not ask for something different?

I took sertraline 100mg. it gave me heart palps really really bad.

Got put on fluoxetine 20 mg and I'm hoping it well work for me, they based that off my dad because he takes fluoxetine and it helps him and they say usually if one works in ur immediate family it will help you.

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Sorry I didn't want to write and essay. I fully understand how SSRI's have different reactions, effects and benefits for different people. My friend is a Doctor of Chemistry and works in Cheminformatics, with major firms developing SSRI's. It's intriguing how they were first discovered. I saw many GP's and counsellors from 1999 - 2013, NHS mostly but some private. Don't get me wrong Fluox 20mg kept me waking up and smiling, positive and fighting, but I was prone to anxiety in hindsight. I regulate diet, exercise, have a home gym, understand my limits, and have read a wealth on the anxiety subject. I explained many times to medical professionals, that I was anxious still, had recurring insomnia, etc etc... Too much to write on here. Let's just conclude I am happy with my new Sertraline regime, the side effects are almost negligible, and I have been promoted twice at work in 18 months, i'm massively active and positive.

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Must agree that everyone is different but I am a big advocate of Sertraline.. I was given these 3 ears ago to stabalize me when going through a bad anxiety. depression state and am still on them they keep me stable without side effects, so yes I agree these are good


Well done Pat, great for you to feel better. The stigma in society is improving, and until the brain is better understood I advocate the use of these types of medicine. They don't fix the root causes, because they are physical. However they do allow individuals to function and achieve a healthy successful life. If I hadn't taken medication I would have been dead, no doubt at all. Instead I have a lovely house, family and job etc. Peace to all !

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I have been taking paroxetine since 1993, they helped me get over the effect of coming off tranx . Which was agonising. i have had my ups and downs since, and wanted to try sertraline but would have to give up paroxetine first. I don't wish to do that to scared. However talked all this over with my GP and decided at the age I am 68 to carry on because if I were an insulin dependent diabetic, I would not stop taking insulin.


I was also scared switching, it's natural.

If you rely on something to control or improve your mood, then it's implied that anyone would feel anxious about change.

I wouldn't advise anyone to change unless they had consulted a Psychiatrist , and I don't know about Paroxetine.

Good luck anyway.


I take sertraline for anxiety and it changed my life. No anxiety and I am so much better at my job. Its like a monkey off your back

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