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Is it too soon to draw conclusions?

14 years of Fluoxetine 20mg, and I just switched to Sertraline 50 mg, after taking advice from a GP. 4 weeks in I have to tentatively say my anxiety is lower, my mood positive, and side effects less.

Fluoxetine used to perk me up, but my anxiety was always present. It just meant that every day my positivity could drive me through the worst of the anxiety, but rather than even curing anxiety I felt that prozac actually maintained it and warped it into new twisted states!

Is it too early to say that Sertraline seems better?!

Maybe wishful thinking, but so far amazing results!

Does anyone have similar positive stories?

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Sertraline is supposed to be good for anxiety. We use it a lot on the mental health unit where I work


I have been changed to venlafaxine, but again anxiety is a lot worse and with other symptoms all day long , making things very miserable , however I have only been taking the venlafaxine now for just over a week, my doc said take 37.5 in the morning and again at night, but I cant do the morning one as I am never up at a set time, all different times, so I am just doing the 37,5 at night, I don't no why I cant take the 75mg at night




hi I have been on 40 mg of fluoxetine for couple mnths now and don't feel no change at all im due to go bk to the doctors in the morning to see wether I want to carry them on or try something different ... I have tried citalopram,sertraline and mirtazapine and nothing worked I don't think theres nothing left for me to try lol maybe im just a lost cause xx


hi , my wife was on citalopram for about a year, but changed to sertraline about 3mnths ago, she has found a big difference in her mood , she still gets awful thoughts but is able to cope with them a lot easier, hope this helps,


This is why mental health is so hard to treat guys and gals, because everyone's brain reacts differently to medication!

Sertraline for one person is most likely going to be a differing experience for others.


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