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7 weeks into Sertraline :)

14 years on 20 mg Prozac and now a swap to 50 mg Sertraline as I already mentioned.

Just a quick update for anyone who may find this helpful.

My side effects are minimal, libido better, anxiety reduced, sleeping improved, general daily feeling of doom and being on edge has subsided somewhat!

It's 7 weeks now.

Much better than Fluoxetine guys and gals ,,,

Love to all !

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Hi,I have been on sertraline for 8 weeks and feel dreadfull,been on 50mg for 4 weeks and 100mg for 4 weeks. Doc upped to 150mg.what doze helps u ?


I'm on 50 mg , feeling good


I'm glad it works for you, but like all antidepressants they don't work for everyone. Bramble I'd ask your GP to change to something else. I'd recommend Mirtazapine which is a completely different type and is the one that has helped me.


I totally agree that SSRI's are hit and miss, depending on peoples physiology, history and current symptoms.

I would urge anyone to at least give an SSRI 12 weeks before changing though, from scientific articles I have read.


I was on sertraline for about the first 2 weeks felt like crap ! Then about 3 gd weeks then started getting really bad side effects so had to stop !!!x


It's crazy isn't it, I have had no side effects , virtually none, and feel less worried.

I even had a blow up with our CEO at work last week, basically over pay, and other issues, and really lost my rag. Usually it would have unsettled me , perhaps previously when I took Fluoxetine, I would even have had a rotten nights sleep with all the drama, but I felt like I didn't care, almost like my emotional anxiety response was dampened !

Long may this continue!


I've done ok on sertraline. A couple of mild side effects. I think it's one of the safer anti depressants


its hard to know what is side effects and what is anxiety


That's a very good point bramble.. They do heighten your anxiety before ur used to them.. Never thought of that.. Learn something new everyday.xx


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