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There's a lot of people who come on here to vent and ask for assistance on coping with the overall symptoms of anxiety, which is obviously what's going to be the case as this is an anxiety support forum, however, why don't we share our knowledge of what we use to relieve our symptoms, without the use of prescription drugs. Over the last week I have been doing alot of research into the way in which anxiety occurs and the chemical imbalances within the brain that causes it. My thoughts then switched to, well if its an imbalance, how can I re-balance these chemicals, but without the use of prescription medication, it does seem that there are alot of natural supplements that state they will do just that and most of the reputable high street shops sell them. So the question is this, can anyone truly recommend any of these supplements, does anyone know of any other ways to reduce or eradicate anxiety without the use of drugs?

Heres a list of the supplements I have found so far, some of which are pretty expensive:

Vitabiotics Neurozan: This contains 5-HTP, which most people seem to think makes a big difference.

Patrick Holford Mood Food: This is VERY expensive, however it contains 5-HTP, TMG and Tyrosine which are all said to make a positive differance.

St John's wort: The NHS don't seem to want to endorse this but it is available online, has anyone tried this?

INOSITOL: I have seen varied reviews on this and would like to see if anyone on here has tried it.

Does anyone have any further natural solutions they feel make a big difference? Even certain types of foods or routines that they do...


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I use St. John's wort pretty much daily - like you would take a daily vitamin. It seems to help with depression and the blues. I don't like prescription drugs but i have used Xanax to break the chain of anxiety. Can't say St. John's is effective to stop an anxiety attack quickly like Xanax does but It does help my mood.

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OK thanks, I will cross St John's wort off the list for Anxiety relief, but it's still good to know that if used regularly it can help with depression, people who suffer from anxiety tend to end up depressed with it anyway so it's still got some value I suppose. The problem I have with SSRI's is that the side effects list is as long as your arms, some of them state Anxiety as their side effects so I often question them being issued by doctors, it make as much sense as giving people Ipecac for nausea.


Great comparison of ipecac and nausea. The side affects seem so contrary ... I'll keep researching too.


Hi-my chronic anxiety escalated into a 2 year depression(with acute anxiety) in 2011.I started to feel better in March 2013 .I have done a lot of online research & tried MANY things.

My GP prescribed Cetalopran.Gave it almost a month & stopped due to side-effects(all my symtoms much worse)

5HTP increased my anxiety.Tried it twice for a good period(50mcg at bedtime)St John's Wort:gave it 3 months on 300mg.No effect except small increase in anxiety,perhaps.

(Reaction to all 3 caused,I believe because I am NOT serotonin deficient)

Bought SAMe thru Ebay,taking ONLY 200mgs first thing every morning.10 days later,turned a corner(it effects different neurotransmitters to SSRIs & 5HTP.Never raised that daily dose.

Now weaning myself off slowly by taking 200mg every other day,after 18 months.

Researched all cortisol-lowering natural remedies after paying for a 24hr adrenal stress test.

Still taking L.theanine,L.glutamine,L.lysine last thing at night & first thing in the morning with Siberian Ginseng.

Take a LOT of vits & supplements including inositol.

I use Ebay &JustVitamins for cheapest source.Occasionally Healthspan.

Also 20 minutes simple mindfulness meditation at LEAST once a day.Gentle yoga class at least once a week.

Amazing improvements!Further detail,PM me eg attended an anonymous 12 step self-help group for Adult Children of Alcoholics(I am 65!)til I moved here in August.


Great post with loads of info thanks :)


Hi Chris

When I first short circuited with a a panic attack ( which I didn't know about) I was out on the usual diazepam for a week and as I was taking up to 3/4 attacks a day much to my resistance I was put on propanol and citalopram ! This was for four months as I could not bear the affect these meds were having on me ! I could literally feel the switch in Brain happen and until that same point everyday the meds intensified my anxiety.

I got off them as quick as i coils much to disapproval from more than a few but I would rather feel & process no matter how scary.

I abstain from caffeine and drink a lot of water/ herbal teas . I use Bach rescue when it's bad and I try to eat healthy , exercise , good sleep etc

I would be very interested to hear more about the vita biotics neurozan as it is an imbalance and I have suffered for only 9 months but the pain I feel daily is exhausting to battle .

Thanks I think this would be an amazing idea and look forward to geting more info on natural remedies



Well I'm going to get some neurozan when I get paid and test it, I'll post what my verdict is after. I don't think I have ever heard one positive thing and anti depressant drugs cannot understand why they even issue them out


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