I am in a constant state of anxiety,head light all the time,off balance when I walk,eyesight blurry,had loads of tests done,they all came back clear,my doctor says its anxiety,but I sometimes wonder if he is right,each day is a struggle to get through,I cant go shopping,or walking,and I cant take meds,my doctor is sick of me,and I am sick of the whole thing.I am just drained,talking myself out of it,I have lost the will to fight this feeling anymore,I havan't the energy,no point in saying it will pass,as it never does,I have it nearly 25 years,but its getting worse...oh god there has to be a better life than this..does anyone take any natural meds for this..I am taking 2mgs xanax daily,they help me with the anxiety,but only keeps the light head away for two hours.any advice would be to you all Miarose xxx


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  • Oh god I know the feeling.... I myself got hit with it hard when my kids father died in a car accident..I was put on Prozac and Zoloft but the side effects were too strong... I stopped..I'm lightheaded and dizzy daily...pressure in my ears and all..It is a difficult thing to deal with because it controls your body...I've tried natural remedies such as herbs and all natural pills with no results... I avoid coffee, sodas and drink plenty of water..I take a xanax now sometimes but it does wear have to try some meds that work for you until you are balanced out..then once you start feeling better you can incorporate walking, exercises that are good for anxiety...don't give up you are not alone...

  • Everything is anxiety, I think you need to adjust your thinking into a positive mode, get some relaxing tapes, they really do work, also try what is available on the Internet, you do not mention why you will not take prescription drugs, but it could be a number of reasons, I respect your decision. Alternative medicine for anxiety is out there, years ago I got healed going to a herbal clinic, however it was expensive but I drank this disgusting medicine but within a month I was feeling so much better, it took 3 months and never came back so I urge you to look. Hope you get better soon 😊😊

  • Hi please can you tell me the name of the medicine that worked for you ? And we're would I buy it from id really like to try it, I'd try anything if it's going to work. Hope you don't mind me asking, so pleased to hear your doing well, take care

  • I wish I knew, I went to a registered herbalist over 20 years ago, they made the medicine there, it was expensive then, cost me around £300 in all over 3 month period but it worked. It was Hydes Herbal Clinic in Leicester, a friend of mine had been, Mr Hyde was a wonderful man but he would have retired now but the clinic is still there I think. Be careful with herbs you need to go to a registered practice otherwise you could be poisoned 😢😢. I hope you have the resources to find someone where you live, I suggest you ask your friends if they know anywhere or consult the Internet for a reputable herbalist. I do hope you get better soon 😊😊😊

  • could you tell me the medicine that worked for you.I would drink anything if I thought it would help..

  • please click reply under lyn 62=65ze as I am receiving your question,and its her who got the

  • If only I knew, I went over 20 years ago to Hydes Herbal Clinic in Leicester, everything was made in their premises, it took over 3 months for me to be completely ok but it was worth it, those days the cost was over £300 including consultation blood tests etc but I had been recommended by a friend. Herbalist can work but you need to make sure they are genuine and not just after your money. If you do not have the resources then be very careful as herbs can make you I'll too. I only put I went there as who I replied to would not take conventional medicine, I know all medicines are risky but asthma inhalers, heart medicine blood pressure etc keep people alive, so for a short time to cope with anxiety I think there is no harm if prescribed by a doctor. If you have the money by all means go, but make sure they have a good reputation😊😊 x

  • Anything and everything to causes your anxiety to roll up cut it out of your life that's that 1st step second anything you can do to occupy your mind keep your self busy like the gym when no one is there early mornings would be best 2nd step. Trust me I know this pain all to well there's an app called Calm download it helps with your breathing patterns and helps to relax the mind.. try these out..

  • Hi yes I agree with everyone I understand you are at a low point but please take some of this advice try cleaning that helps me loads to take my mind off it and also the relaxation tapes help some are on utube to

    It would maybe help u if u could get meds to help balance it out but remember this only controls the anexity the only person that can help you're self is u also try Cbt it worked for me in on amatrypline and cliptropram for headaches and anexity w have all felt like this at sun point where it won't go away but more u accept the symptoms lesson

    Hope this helps n good luck

  • Try to see a Kinesiologist it's more of a natural approach in correcting the human body and organs ... I just started to see one this week have another appointment next week ... I will keep you posted on how this goes she gave me natural pills .. Sorry to hear that your been suffering for so long ... Im in NY not sure where you at but the one I'm swing suppose to be really good was recommended by my m ex boss .. Her name is Dr. Alicia Armitstead she is in New York City and Brooklyn NY ... Hope this can help

  • Hello

    I understand what you mean when you say is there any end to all this especially after you have been suffering for years and no matter how hard you have tried you seem to get no where , you feel you could just scream !

    Have you tried not fighting these feelings & thoughts and may sound strange but accepting them for now as awful as they feel , I say this because sometimes the more we try & fight them the more importance we are giving them which helps the pattern of anxiety because in a way we are feeding it

    I had to smile when you said your Doctor is getting fed up with you & you are of them , been there and felt that way to , in fact I feel like I need to go in waving a little white flag :-) I always ask before I start if she is in a good mood , and to be honest if she is I always feel I change that fr her :-D But remember this is their job & they get paid to do it so they should have patience and if they are getting fed up which may be in our minds but even if it were true they opted to do this as a career so don't feel bad about what they may feel , just helps to feed the anxiety again

    Have you had any therapy ?

    I think if we struggle with medication therapy can be the way to go , it is not a quick fix and can take several attempts but from my experience with each one we do learn a little more and something stays with us from what we learn through therapy , I would ask if you could be referred even if you have been before you have nothing to loose

    I suffer with Health Anxiety even though I keep it more under control than I used to do and I envy people like you that can go & get tests done as even though I can worry what is wrong or is there something wrong I am to afraid to go and find out yet for me I know if the results all came back fine I would believe it is anxiety

    Try & be reassured that the GP'S do no what they are doing and if everything has come back fine then yes it is anxiety and it can cause all these physical feelings you are experiencing

    I would also ease of on yourself a little bit , set just really small goals for each day not huge one's or what you feel is expected of you from others but something you can manage and with each small goal they will slowly become bigger ones in time

    Natural remedies , I have tried calms , and vitamins but not sure if they have ever helped as such but I do find doing something that distracts me or that I enjoy really helps me , sometimes it can be reading a book , having a pampering session , just taking myself into my bedroom away from everyone & listening to some music trying to teach myself how to switch of by taking this time just for me so you start to notice the difference from what feeling anxious to letting go feels like as when we have been suffering for so long we can forget what it feels like or even how to feel with an empty mind

    You are not alone you have had some good replies and we are such strong people to deal with all this as you know just how hard it is so you do have a lot of strength , don't let anxiety control you , I know this is not easy but slowly start to take that control back and even if it is an hour or 30 minutes a day let it know you are in charge and slowly build on it

    Take Care x

  • thank you for such a long reply.I have health anxiety too,and I also have a med phobia,my doctor has given me loads of tablets,and I put them under the sink,I had a few very bad side effects from meds,I find it hard to take a vitamin tablet.I have done CBT twice,also tried hypnosis,but this anxiety just loves me,and wont go away.Its the light head that gets to me the most,it scares me so much Im afraid to go out on my own..I envy people walking about.I'm at a crossroads,and dont know witch road to take Miarose xx

  • Hello

    Yes me to , a med fear , even a vitamin causes me to go into a flap , I have bought that many over the years & then not been able to take them and as much as I try & tell myself how silly that is tell my anxiety !

    I think this anxiety loves a few of us so it is been very unfaithful :-/

    We need to slowly learn to let it no we do not love "it"

    I understand you have already had therapy but believe me I know people as well as myself and it can take several times before it works as well as finding the right therapy that will suite you the best so don't give up or think you are a lost cause because you are not !

    The light head you get I cannot see this been anything but anxiety as you have been checked over and as you have had it a while had it been anything else it would have shown by now

    I think you have to maybe start doing little things even with the light head feeling you are getting , small steps but that way it will help to make you realize it is a fear

    Have you thought what could be the worse that could happen ?

    Your Doctor has already checked you out and they do no what they are doing , or I should hope so after all the training they have done to get to where they are , it would also be more than their life was worth to ignore something if they felt it was serious

    So if you are out or you are in what will happen ?

    Yes it is unpleasant ,but you can sit a moment let it pass then let it know you will carry on regardless or it will keep winning every time like it is doing now

    You have been suffering a long time so you must have some inner strength most of us do , we just use it negatively sometimes but see if you can just set a few things to do that will make you feel a little more positive , maybe keep a dairy , set one small thing each day and then as you do it tick it of and when you are feeling bad you can look at it and see you are moving forward :-)

    Take Care x

  • thank you bounce,I will take your comments on board,today I got up and my head wasant light,a great feeling,I was in great form all day because of this,was out and about with my hubby all day,now tomorrow may be different,if my head is light I get very down and dont want to go out,I feel drunk and have to hold on to something,its very scary,even though I know its anxiety,thank god for one free day without it xxxx

  • Hello

    I am really pleased you had a good day , you should make a note of this you may be surprised that you have more good days than you think because we do tend to focus & hold on to the bad one's & remember them more

    I hope you have lot;s more good days and when the light headed feeling comes on , keep telling yourself it is only anxiety , it is very unpleasant but it won't harm me & it will pass

    Take each day as it comes :-) x

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