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I have always been a believer in solving my problems as naturally as possible. That doesn't mean I am opposed to all drugs but I recognize that with their use comes potential risks. Dependency is something that I fear and I would hate to become dependent on anything unable to control my intake. Its why I usually try to sleep away headaches instead of taking painkillers. Which brings me to anxiety medication, I have stated before that I found xanax to have a restful effect on me but I have never touched it since my doctor enforced period of use ended. I think people should try everything else before using drugs simply to avoid the risk of dependency

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  • Hi SmartGuy, I was wondering if you've considered hypnotherapy. It has worked very well for a cousin of mine and a friend. My friend was involved in a very traumatic vehicle collision and was plagued by flashbacks. She saw a hypnotherapist for a few sessions and it really seemed to help her. In your last post you mentioned that you were at church. Can I assume that you are a Christian? Why not try meditating on some verses of scripture. There is a verse in 2Timothy that I like, I'm sure you know it "The Lord has not given us a spirit of fear, etc etc" I'm sorry I'm unable to give you the chapter and verse off the top of my head.

    I respect your position. However there are people on this forum who rely on drugs for their severe chronic anxiety disorder. I'm sure these people would quite like to not have to take drugs but for some of us, a life without drugs is a life so burdened by acute, profound anxiety that without pharmaceutical relief life would be almost too much to bear.

    I don't want any such person reading this to think "I'm weak for taking drugs for my condition" and simply stop taking their meds. This could actually be incredibly dangerous and cause them to have a tonic clonic seizure.

    You mentioned also that someone close to you has recently died. This is bound to have awakened an existential angst in you. We all live with existential angst (fear of death, losing loved ones, losing people we cherish and rely on and realising that we ourselves could die at any time). I think this subconscious anxiety has been awakened in you. It's perfectly natural, but can be very difficult to come to terms with. Once again I think your faith could help you tremendously with this.

    It's just a thought, but I suffer existential angst quite often 'I'm currently reading a book called "Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ. A Gnostic Christian Kabbala" and I have found it has been of great help.

    Have you considered something like grief therapy? There a re groups such a Cruse who offer such counselling.

    Alternatively, take up a sport like distance swimming or running which both require focus and can give you relief from anxiety. So can sports such as competitive target shooting and climbing and sailing.

    I'm sure you will find your own way. I think it's greats that a young man is wary of becoming dependent on drugs, but please don't knock it, drugs have quite literally been a life saver for some of us who use this forum

    Hope you feel a lot better soon


  • Hypnotherapy is a great option. Non invasive and works amazingly well.

  • I think it depends on the person I tried it any the only thing that disappeared was money from my wallet... my experience rated this therapy the worst. Focusing on a sport or hobby is an excellent idea.


  • You are right Kev in that it was costly. Insurance didn't cover it and I only went for 6 treatments, but it did work for me. It was just another option in my long list of trials. For me the best was water aerobics. One hour 5x a week. There was no adrenaline left to get anxious lol

    Stay well!

  • Swings and round abouts. Didn't work for me, but I've seen it yield impressive results in some people.

  • Thanks for the reply i am not a christian although i have been regularly attending church these last few years. I didn't mean to sound like i was knocking the use of drugs but one of my greatest fears is becoming dependant on something like for instance coffee i know some people that just need that cup of coffee every morning. I respect that some people have need of medication and would never fault anyone from using them of prescribed by their doctor. Your suggestion about hypno therapy is somthing i will look into i am willing to try anything new if it will help me

  • I think you really are a 'SmartGuy', you're very smart to be wary of becoming dependent on any substance. I think it is always better if a person can find coping strategies that don't involve medication.

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