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my phobia and anxiety started up again . help ?

okay so for about a week and a half , my anxiety was pretty low and my phobia , emetophobia ( fear of vomiting ) was low too . like i ate whatever i wanted , i slept really well , and i even took 3 road trips that were over an hour each . i felt super happy and normal again . But today , i got a venti coffee at starbucks , and i didn't even drink all of it bc my stomach started hurting a lot . and I felt really queasy. it finally felt better but then i got really bad cramps and i took a ibuprofen but it still hurts . and like i feel queasy, but then it goes away and then it comes back . it's like on and off . and im really scared that ill get sick bc im at my friends house and im FAR away from home . help ? And im scared to go to sleep .

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Try and relax breath in through your nose and out from your mouth. You probably got a little bug in your stomach and because you have had anxiety it hangs around a bit. Drink sips of warm water. See how you go


I have a feeling the Starbucks was NOT a good idea. That happens to me when I think my stomach is fine so I go eat a bunch of things I like and right away or the next day my stomach is killing me. So go easy on your stomach, especially when you are not home. Hope your feeling better


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