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Anxiety and health phobia


Hi all, I'm new to this so bare with me I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety, depression and panic disorder 18 yrs ago. We got it under control with my wonder drug paxil 30mg daily but like alot of people i would take it until I felt better then stop I've always been in good health other then that. Threw the yrs anxiety has come back once a yr but never on the paxil until now. My father was diagnosed with throat cancer and since my anxiety has spiralled out of control the dr up my paxil to 40 mg a week ago but it hasnt kicked in yet. I have a dread that I will have lung cancer and die even though a yr ago i had a ct scan and xrays and all is fine. Im a smoker and i drink two gallons of sugary tea a day which i just gave up (the tea) and cut my smoking in half in hopes of turning my health anxiety around. I also noticed since the relapse of anxiety my blood pressure is way up160/100 which is also freaking me out. Someone please help I want to believe the dr im fine and the bp is just caused by my anxiety but I fear i have something lifethreatening wrong. HELP ME PLEASE.

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I was a smoker for 27 years, my father died of a heart attack so did my grandfather. My mother died of cancer.

I could sit here and say " my god I'm gonna die rather of a heart attack or cancer, wtf !! " Truth is maybe I will but maybe I won't.

I knew a women who died of lung cancer and never smoked.

The chance you take I'm afraid. You're a typical denier, do it , then when it comes home to roost you get a freaked out. It's your own fault if you do just like it is mine if i do.

Stop hanging on to " what if " you could have a stroke now, a brain tumour maybe, MS, Parkinson's the list is endless.

One thing your response to this won't be helping you at all !!.

Relax, be positive and be honest. You have a 50-50 chance just like me.

I can relate. I have a constant fear that I have some life threatening disease or illness as well. Its just my anxiety. There have been some nights when I was convinced that I wasn't going to wake up in the morning. I finally had to tell myself "if you die in your sleep, then its obviously your time to go" and only then was I able to drift off to sleep. I try to remember that quote about worry.

"Worry is a total waste of time. It doesn't change anything. All it does is steal your joy and keep you very busy doing nothing."

I know its hard when your anxiety gets the best of you and makes you think all these thoughts but just TRY to tell yourself that its just anxiety and that there is nothing major wrong with you medically.

Its great that you have cut back on the sugary drinks and smoking. That will definitely help! Have you tried exercise? I have found that very helpful as well. Good luck!!!!

Dad1125 in reply to Michele_B

Michele, thanks for your response, I have decided to make some lifestyle changes and exercise will be one. Went to the dr again and he swears up and down i dont have to worry but as you know its easier said than done lol. I have a quit date for the smoking which is in two weeks i dont think going through anxiety relapse withdraw from caffine and smoking is going to help me much. As for exercise i have a pretty physical job but i still plan on crossfit training 45 min a day starting today hopefully this will help. Again thanks for your supportive reply

No Dad1125, you don't have a lifethreatening illness, you have years of healthy living ahead of you. Your recent scans show you are physically fineand you must believe them, these things do not lie. You've cut back on the smoking and there's no reason to suppose you have lung cancer as you fear. Your blood pressure is only slightly raised from the range of normal and this is no doubt a reaction to the anxious state of your nervous system.

So you must believe the doctor that you're physically fine, remember he went to medical school for 5 years and you didn't! So count your blessings and stop worrying about illnesses you don't have and turn your attention to the health issue you do have - general anxiety. You could go on using the Paxil for ever but I strongly suggest that you find and read one of the self-help books for people suffering from anxiety such as those written by Claire Weekes which have helped untold thousands to recover and lead normal lives without meds.

So the bottom line is, Dad1125, you're physically healthy and you can become mentally healthy again once you stop worrying yourself half to death.

Dad1125 in reply to Jeff1943

Thank you so much for your feedback, its tuff im always the strong one people come to,this site is a blessing and people like yourself and anyone else that responds is a godsend. Sometimes all you need is someone to listen and support you who understands what your going through. Thank you again

Mumof347 in reply to Dad1125

Hi, I have generalised anxiety but I'm now thinking it could be side affects of my meds, as well as life changes.I will try anything to cut back and work on mindfulness, good luck you are talking more so be kind to yourself x

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