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This might be a bit long...

I have been having trouble breathing. It's just that if I think about it it happens but if I don't it doesn't. I am 16 and have gone to therapy for anxiety and have occasional panic attacks . I was just trying to sleep but I can't because it is uncomfortable to breathe.I'm scared that, since my family wakes me up, they would get me up but this could hurt and kill me. I don't want to hurt anyone. I am scared... I don't know what to do.... help.

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  • Relax please you are panicking and why would your parents waking your u hurt u in anyway?

  • what I mean is my parents going to wake me up but in reality I have passed from this and they would be devestated

  • Phage u been to the doctor before?

  • I am sure you will be fine. Something I usually tell myself is that: If something were to happen it would have happened. You're way too young to die from something like a heart attack in your sleep, and trust me I have experienced the same thing, I have alot of choking sensations when I try to fall asleep. I like to listen to meditation music to go to sleep as it relaxes you alot more. Hope you do well-LightSezor

  • You poor little are so worried and you should not be, you have anxiety nothing more. your imagination is running away with you. I have trouble breathing too when i worry, we have all been there. you must try things to relax, especially at night, watch your fav DVD and fall asleep watching and put the timer on so it switches off. a hot bath too will help you to relax, or put head phones on to relax. trust me you are not alone. you also need a hug, and not all parents understand!! this generally helps me. good luck....

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