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Can any help calm me or say a scared

Went to dr like 6 weeks ago for head/scalp pain

went to er because thought it was anyuresm. They did ct scan said it was normal. Went back to dr 3 weeks ago said its anxiety and panick. Im freaking out at this point. Was fine for a week then started back up and ears ringing got worse. I went to ent who said I have severe tmj. Then went and had wyes checked and they dialated them and said I was fine.

Went back to er for this weird head pain. They said maybe sinus because they could not do ct again.

I followed up with nuero today who said eeg was normal and that it sounds like occipital nueralgia and says I can get it treated and also said they want mri of cervical spine. I told her im still worried about anuyerm but she assured me I was fine. Here I am after a bedr ears ringing loud and I feel unsteady. She said she thinks neck is injured.

Still feeling off balance when standing. Scared to leave my house

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If you have TMJ it may be a good idea to discuss your problem with the dentist as you could be grinding your teeth. Many do this when sleeping and when sleeping this can produce stress on the jaw and this will transmit into the head producing head ache and the stronger the pain the worse your headaches will appear to be. This will cause your feelings of anxiety

They also are looking at nurological pain so this again can spread from the neck, if there is damage in the c1-4 neck at the base of the head this also can cause severe pains and this in some times may be caused through a whiplash injury in the car when breaking hard or lying badly in bed.

All I can suggest I had problems many years ago and they found damage to my neck that was transmitting to various places in the body. Follow your GP advice it may take time to to get it put right.

Good Luck

Happy New Year



Oh bless you. That sounds like a full blown panic attack. Deep breathing and calming music.



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